Diary of Gepetto's apprentice puppeteer, known only as "A.T", found in the Doll House.

July 17[edit | edit source]

No matter what I do, this emptiness inside still tortures me.

I know what I'm attempting is foolish and a waste of time, yet I keep trying...

...Trying to make a doll to take my daughter's place...with her sparkling eyes, her lips, her porcelain skin...

July 20[edit | edit source]

There's a mountain of ugly failures all around me. Vacant stares, lifeless lips, cracked skin...

As I look up at them, I feel once again my limitations as a doll maker...

July 24[edit | edit source]

My teacher once told me about a crest that holds the power of a demon.

That crest is here in my hand now. Where in the world did I get it? These past few days are nothing but a blank...

But that's not what's important right now. If what my teacher told me is true, my salvation is near. I can use the power of this crest to resurrect my daughter's soul...!

July 25[edit | edit source]

There's been a change. Some of my failures have developed wills of their own and started talking!

This is the crest's power!

I can feel my spirits lifting.

I named the talking dolls.

Rebecca, always alone.
Illeana, who tells nothing but lies.
Gina, who loves to trick people.
Well-behaved Barbara.
Quiet Diane.
Tina and Emma, who get along so well with each other.

My hope has turned to conviction. My daughter will be reborn!

All I need now is a vessel for her soul...

July 30[edit | edit source]

The doll is ready...my masterpiece. A lovely doll, with features just like my daughter's.

I'll finish the process in the cellar. I've put a code lock on the door to keep out intrusions.

At last I can be with my daughter again!

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