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Cardinal Albert Simon Cardinal Albert Simon
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Cardinal Albert Simon
Game Shadow HeartsShadow Hearts: Covenant
Kana 枢機卿 アルバート・サイモン
Romaji Sūkikyō* Arubāto Saimon
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif Daisuke Gōri
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Scott Rayow* (SH1),

Paul St. Peter* (SH2)

Age Unknown (At least 400)[1]
Eye color Grey
Hair color Grey
Home London
Weapon(s) Dark Magic, Alchemy, Familiars.
Special Arts Soul Pact with Amon
Element Dark Element dark.gif

Albert Simon is the primary antagonist in Shadow Hearts, and appears also in Shadow Hearts: Covenant as a spirit within Yuri's soul. He is also retroactively revealed to be the plot instigator of the events of Koudelka.

During the first game he posed as the legendary magician Roger Bacon, who had been his mentor. In the second game, he explains his plot to destroy the world was an attempt (albeit misguided) to stop the group known as Sapientes Gladio, and helps Yuri in his cause to stop them.

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

"A British warlock who uses powerful magic. He is calm, collected, and calls himself Roger Bacon. If that's true, he's the legendary alchemist, but..."

"He calls himself by his master's name, the legendary alchemist Roger Bacon, and attemps to bring new order to this world. He has the knowledge to do so."

"Magician who, in a previous adventure, tried to destroy the world. He was stopped by Yuri, but his true enemy has always been Rasputin, the mad monk."

Bio[edit | edit source]

Past Life[edit | edit source]

Seven hundred years ago, Albert Simon was born into relative poverty in England. When he was old enough he joined the Church, and fought in the Crusades against the Ottoman Empire. Due to his obvious intelligence and aptitude for learning, he came under the attention of the famous immortal alchemist, Roger Bacon.

Albert became a devoted pupil. Due to the man's diligence, Roger considered Albert to be the finest of all his students, and taught him all he knew of law, philosophy, science, astronomy, and alchemy.

700 years ago, Albert Simon

Albert was ahead of his time; a king amongst paupers who yet came from a meager lower-class background. The combination of his lowly birth and vast intelligence caused Albert to question the clash between the rich and the poor.

During an age where nobility alone wielded power, Albert found fault with the Vatican for allowing such wickedness to befall the common man. He believed that all men were created equal under the eyes of God, but his peers thought otherwise. He rejected the belief that a person’s place was judged by their birth - a controversial stance during such rigid times.

While Roger agreed with Albert's progressive views, he knew that they would be met with hostility from the Church and tried his best to convince Albert to moderate his views, but Roger's pleas were ignored. Frustrated with his teacher's lack of vison, Albert brought up him up before the Church council on charges of heresy, only to be himself branded a heretic.

Albert imprisoned

Tossed away to rot within the dungeons of the Inquisition, Albert pondered over his thoughts, and became a man hardened by the need for revenge, and the destruction of society.

Eventually, he was released. Roger tried to temper his hatred and offer advice, but it was rebuffed, and Albert began to research forbidden magics and dove deeper into the occult.

Little else is known of his activities over the next few centuries, however at some point he purchased a mansion for himself in London, and attended a Revival festival with Father Hans Doyle in 1888. He also began to use his former teacher's name as hia alias,

It wasn't until 1890 that Albert started the motions that would snowball out and become world-shattering events. Breaking into the Papal library, he stole The Three Ancient Tomes - three texts with the power to warp the fabric of reality itself.

Cardinal Albert Simon

After some enquiries, he met with Patrick Heyworth, whom had lost his beloved wife, Elaine after she was murdered in their home. Mad with grief, he sought a means to bring her back, which Albert gladly provided - the Émigré Manuscript - a tome said to be able to resurrect the dead. Albert's intention was that Patrick would inadvertantly summon a god of death, although this failed to happen.

At some point, eight years later, he reacquired the manuscript from the, now-deceased, Patrick through unknown means. Travelling to Asia, he met with the Shanghai warlock, Dehuai the Earth Sage. Dehuai had attempted to repel the forces of the Japanese army from invading Shanghai, and was attempting a ritual know as the Demon's Gate Invocation, and summon an earth spirit to destroy the army. He became nominally allied with the Sage, but it is unknown how much he assisted. He was present however to witness when Dehuai was severely wounded in a battle against a Japanese army officer, whilst attempting the ritual, causing the officer to attempt to fuse with the summoned creature. His plans ruined, Dehuai fled, barely escaped with his life. Albert, meanwhile returned to Europe.

Despite setting his plans into motion, he joined Sapientes Gladio - a religious society that shared the ideals of his youth; a desire for egalitarianism, breaking down barriers between the races and class. Created by his friend, Bishop Jovis Abraham, Albert assisted him in spreading their idealistic message to the world.


All that changed when the pair took on Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin as their newest disciple. Driven by ambition, Rasputin learnt all he could from them, building up his strength and power, eventually forming a Soul Pact with Asmodeus, King of Demons. Realising too late, the dark nature of their disciple, Albert and Jovis were betrayed when he attacked them.

They were defeated, and were banished from the society. Rasputin reshaped Sapientes Gladio into his own image, as he sought world domination.

Albert, seeing the threat Rasputin represented, decided to take drastic action and take the future fate of the world into his own hands; he would summon a God to come to the Earth, and cleanse it, allowing Albert to create his idealistic society in a new world.

Jovis was left horrified by his friend's plan. Albert lost his confidence in Jovis, and, in order to battle Asmodeus, he began his preperations for a Soul Pact of his own, with the most powerful demon he could find; Amon, the God of Wrath.

A pact

He travelled to Tiffauges Castle, in France, and in the Grand Mirror room, made his pact, and set his long-laid plans in motion. In order to summon the god from beyond the stars, it would require the raising of a celestial beacon, to call it to the planet. One such beacon lay hidden beneath the waves offshore of the cliffs of the Nemeton Monastery - the Neameeto Float.

In order to power the alien edifice, he would require an immense pyschic force. And he found such two such forces - physical embodiments of light and dark magic - in the form of two women; the Witch of the Dark Flame and Key to Darkness,Koudelka Iasant, and the Key of Light Alice Elliot.

Koudelka had been captured by the Order of the Temple Knights - a religious group dedicated to the eradication if witches. Despite her imprisonment and torture, she was unresponsive, and had purposely entered a vegative state to deny him the use of her powers, prompting Albert to seek out Alice instead.

During this period, he continued with his other earlier plans; via letter correspondence he sold his London mansion to a Doctor Jack and his mother. It's implied that Albert placed an arcane curse on Jack's mother, causing her to become ill, suffer, and eventually die. Shortly after her death, Albert, under the name of Roger Bacon, appeared before the utterly distraught, Jack, and presented him with the Émigré Manuscript, telling him that it would be the solution to his problems. He again hoped this would summon a god of death, although again this failed to occur.

He looked eastwards, again to the warlock Dehuai, and ensured that one of the other ancient tomes made it into his hands - the Pulse Tract - a text that could incarnate a destructive god from the soul of the planet itself, using a rite known as the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation.

Meanwhile, in the years since Albert had stolen the three ancient tomes, the Vatican had sent out two exorcists to pursue them - Bishop James O'Flaherty, and Father Morris Elliot - the father of Alice.

O'Flagherty died in Wales, leaving only Father Elliot in pursuit, where he learnt the name of the man behind the theft; the mysterious, and dangerous "Roger Bacon".

Killing Father Elliot

Unwilling to confront him head-on, Father Elliot contacted Father Doyle, who informed him that there was a man who could stand up to Bacon, and he would arrange a meeting between them in Rouen; Cardinal Albert Simon. It was a trap. Doyle contacted Albert and told him of Elliot. It was an unexpected boon for Albert, as Father Elliot was to be accompanied by his daughter - his true target.

He confronted the pair in Dumble Street, the alleyway behind the Church - emerging from the fog, and introducing himself as "Roger Bacon". He murdered Father Elliot, who sacrificed himself, allowing Alice to escape.

Remarkably, his quarry had made it all the way to East-Asia, and he learnt that she has been captured by the Japanese army, and was being transported via train to Changchun. He tracked her down, and boarded the Trans-Siberian Express...

Shadow Hearts[edit | edit source]

"Roger Bacon" appears before Alice

In South Manchu, in the Autumn of 1913, Albert calmly made his way through the train carriages, even politely allowing an old peddler woman to pass, until he came across the one under guard from the army - wherein sat Alice.


Summoning his Wind Shear familiar, the creature made short work of the guards, carving them up, as Albert walked on, unconcernedly. Army Major Suji and his troops attempt to shoot the intruder, to no avail. Alice recognised him immediately in horror. Albert, again introduced himself as Roger Bacon.

He was stopped in his abduction attempt by the arrival of a young man, Yuri Hyuga, who had been observing him. Albert acted with wry amusement at the intrusion, and sent his Wind Shear to attack. It sliced off Yuri's arm, but was killed instantly when he caught and crushed it in his remaining hand, before reattaching his severed arm.

"Ah, a new actor in our play?"

With only mild surprise, Albert grabbed Alice, using his magic to knock her out, and sending a out a psychic blast, sending Yuri flying through the carriages, and trying to make good his escape, fleeing to the roof of the train.

Yuri, however, was in hot pursuit, breaking through the roof, and chasing him down. Amused at his persistance, Albert fought him, and although he defeated him, was impressed by Yuri's resilience. He attempted to kill him with magic, but was momentarily distracted and blinded as a bright light suddenly shone from Alice.


Seizing his chance, Yuri attacked - punching Albert so hard in the face as to break through bone. Albert staggered back in surprise and agony, as Yuri scooped up Alice, and leapt off the train, into the night. Albert magically healed his face, and stood sliently as the train thundered on.

Much later, he teleported into Kuihai Tower, appearing before Dehuai, to the latter's disatisfaction. They briefly exchanged barbed pleasantries, and talked of both Alice, and Dehuai's new plan for the Reverse Demon's Gate Innvocation.

Meeting with Dehuai

Dehuai was suspiscious of Albert's motives, despite his assurances that his only interest was in observing the ritual at work (for his personal future reference), and would deliver Alice to him, upon her capture. He also warned the Eath Sage of the presence of Yuri - a harmonixer, before teleporting away.

Albert later appeared in the crumbling Temple Ruins, apparently "saving" Wugui, one of Dehuai's agents, and master of the Kowloon Fortress, and teleporting away. He took control of Kowloon, scaring off Wugui's underlings with summoned monsters, and conducting bizarre experiments on Wugui, using black magic and alchemy.

Albert with his "puppet"

The purpose of the experiments is never out-right stated, but heavily implied to be an attempt to copy the Émigré ritual. Yuri and party located Wuigi's base, and were surprised to be met by Albert. Mocking their inabaility to understand his purpose, who sent out an inhumanly-acting Wugui. They effortlessly defeated him, and his body evapourated into a green mist. Disappointed with the failure of the experiment, Albert teleported away.

Meanwhile, despite Dehuai's success in capturing Alice, and completing the preperations for the ritual, he was finally defeated when Yuri, his party and the Japanese army lead an assualt on Kuihai Tower. With his dying breath, he tried to use the last of his energy to complete the ritual, but was so enfeebled, he died when he stood.

Completing the ritual

Albert had been watching from the sidelines, and appeared before Yuri, mockingly comparing their fight with Dehuai as a battle between ants. Using his own power to give a last "little push" to the ritual, it was completed.

The Seraphic Radiance was birthed above the tower - its very summoning causing the foundations to shake. In an effort to stop it, Yuri attempted to fuse with the beast - reminding Albert of the events of fifteen years thence. Yuri failed, causing the Seraphic Radiance to go berserk, and destroy Shanghai in a fireball.

Albert watches Shanghai burn, safe in his shield

Floating above the devastation in a protective shield, Albert backhandedly complimented Dehuai's achievement, but compared it to mere child's play for his ultimate intentions. He mockingly invited Yuri's allies to come visit in London, should they survive, before flying away, laughing maniacally - though this was cut short as a small piece of debris unceremoniously smacked him in the back of the head almost knocking off his top-hat.

Six Months Later[edit | edit source]

Returning to Europe, keeping a low-profile, but continuing with his plans, Albert allied with the witch Arcane Olga. He tasked her to keep an eye on Alice, and abduct her when she had the opportunity.

Following an encounter with Alice, and a still-alive Yuri, in Prague, Arcane Olga reported to Albert, in his new headquarters at Calios Mental Hospital - also home to the Templar Knights and their leader, Viscount Rausan, with whom Albert had entered an uneasy alliance. Although she apologisied for her failure, Albert was unconcerned, and the pair discussed the news of the return of Yuri, and the threat he posed to them - now that his soul housed the dormant soul of the Seraphic Radiance - though he couldn't access it. They spoke also of his back-up plan, of Koudelka Iasant - kept prisoner in the Mental Hospital, being repeatedly tortured, but resisting.

Meeting in Rouen

The pair made their way to Rouen, to meet with Yuri and Alice, as they attempted to enter the Rouen Church, to find Father Doyle. He congratulated Yuri on his return from the depths of his soul, but taunted him with the knowledge that Alice had sacrificed her own soul to save Yuri's. Initially wishing only to talk, the appearance of Margarete Gertrude Zelle, prompted him to resignedly summon creatures to attack them.

Impressed with Yuri, he warned that he would not go easy on them in future encounters, before teleporting away. Arcane Olga remained, however, spying on the party, and killing Father Doyle before he could divulge Albert's true identity to the party.

Eventually meeting with a young street-rat, Halley Brankett - the son of the captive Koudelka Iasant, Yuri and party made their way to Calios Mental Hospital. Albert, for his part, suspected they would eventually arrive, and tasked the arrogant leader of the Templar Knights to deal with them. It was, however, part of his long term plan, and he was gambling on Yuri to succeed, and allow him to break through Koudelka's resistance.

Torturing Halley to awaken Koudelka

Halley made his way into his mother's cell, only to be confronted by Albert and Arcane Olga. Yuri followed shortly in a resuce attempt. Albert told him of the Koudelka and Alice's true potential, and his ultimate goal to cleanse the world and utter in a new age.

Unconvinced, Yuri tried to attack him, but was repelled by Albert. He began to shock Halley, finally rousing Koudelka from her stupor, and causing her to attempt to crawl towards her beloved son. He scoffed at her efforts, holding her in place underfoot. Yuri, by this point had recovered, and was again prepared to attack.

The encounter was cut short as Koudelka regained her powers, and stood. She agreed to go with Albert, in exchange of letting her son and Yuri go free. He agreed. Before they departed, having met with the true Roger Bacon before, she told Yuri to head to Nemeton Monastery in Wales, as he would find someone to aid him against Albert, this "false Bacon". They teleported away, as Albert gave one final instruction for Arcane Olga to kill them - apparently unconcerned about the survival of his henchwoman.

Speaking with Alice

Separating from the party, briefly, Alice returned to Rouen, troubled by Koudelka's remark that the "Roger Bacon" she had known, was false. Breaking into the church, she suspected that he was infact Albert Simon - a fact proven by a confession and a found photograph of Albert and Father Doyle, taken many years before.

Albert surprised her in the Church. He told her, however that he only wished to talk. He explained to her the nature of her powers - that she was a "Key to Light", and how she was no longer necessary to his plans, now her had her dark counterpart, Koudelka.

He politely asked that Yuri and the others didn't attempt to stop him in his goals, although Alice declined, stating they would oppose him. She questioned why he was willing to go to such lengths to destroy the world.

Preparing to summon the Float

He told her of his world view; that true peace was impossible - apparent peace was just superficial - the endless cycle of a small group of elites who continually repress the poorer masses, and will do anything to remain in power. And ultimately, his desire for revenge.

He bid Alice farewell, but warned her that the next time they met, they would be enemies.

Finalising his preperations, he and Koudelka waited in the Nemeton Underground, for Yuri to appear, as Albert knew he would. He revealed to the true nature of his plan; to summon forth a god to cleanse the world.

Albert unleashes the power of Amon

Furious, Yuri told him what he thought of his plans - that it was just for petty revenge against what had been done to Albert in the past, and that he wouldn't allow it.

Albert told him of what he believed would becoming in the near future should he not enact his plan; World War One. A future dominated with needless deaths and cruelties. He would let history decide the morality of his actions.

Albert transforms into Amon

He started the ritual to power the beacon to summon forth the god, drawing upon Koudelka's magic. He was caught off guard, however, when she attempted to use her powers to destroy the pair of them, to protect a future for her son. The plan almost succeeded, however, Albert was saved thanks to his Soul Pact with Amon. Shocked, and exhausted from the siphoning of her energy, Koudelka fainted.

His source of power now momentarily useless, Albert attacked the party. Though he was defeated, and Amon's soul absorbed by Yuri, the energy their battle generated was enough to fully power the Float. Triumphant, he escaped to the surface to see his plans unfold.

"Now, is the end of the World!"

Standing in a shower of seafoam, he watched as the Float burst through the land, and ascended into the sky, sending off the beacon that would beckon god. Estatic, he shouted of the folly of those Church official who had tried him, all those years ago, and how this was the first step of a glorious new future.

Flying towards the Float, he noticed Yuri and his friends, emerging from the underground, and taunted them of the futility of trying to stop him now, as he sped off towards the edifice.

"You can wave your fists all you want; it will change absolutely nothing!"

Thanks to the invention of a teleportation device created by Roger Bacon, Yuri and party were able to board the float, determined to stop Albert's scheme. He awaited them at the summit of the Float, greeting them as they entered.

Genuinely impressed by Yuri's strength, Albert questioned if it was destiny that had led to their confrontation. Yuri questioned Albert's plans should he defeated them. Albert stated simply that he would create a new world free from the deceit and defilement of the old; that it was a world he genuinely wished to share with them.


Through grudging respect, the pair agreed that whatever the outcome of their final battle, there would be no hard feelings - and the world would be left to the victor - be it Albert and his desire to start anew, or Yuri's believing that mankind could overcome any future hardship.

Albert becomes Messiah

Calling upon the power of the Float itself, Albert transformed himself in the Messiah and did battle.

Finally defeated, Albert returned to his human form, and collapsed. He complimented Yuri's strength of character, and, although he still foresaw a grim future, admitted that if mankind could possess the resolve that Yuri had, maybe, just maybe things would not turn out so bleakly.

However, Yuri then still had one final task; to defeat the god from beyond the stars, now on his way to Earth.


With the last of his powers, he teleported Yuri and his friends to God's Throne, with his soul's blessing. Bidding them a final farewell, his body dissipated, and his soul come to live on inside Yuri's.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[edit | edit source]

Albert, as he appears in Covenant

Albert makes a few brief, but important appearances in the game, lingering on in Yuri's soul.

With the knowledge that Albert had gained the power of Amon, and was planning to summon a creature to cleanse the planet and halt their plans, Sapientes Gladio began to plot a way to stop him.

Their chosen weapon was to be the Holy Mistletoe - a cursed relic that drains the soul of the victim, sealing off their powers, eventually robbing them of their memories, and leaving them in a vegative state. However, Albert was defeated by Yuri before this plan could be enacted.

Old Enemies

Not wishing to leave a potentially powerful disruptive element to halt their plans for world domination, it was decided that they would use its cursed power on Yuri, which they did, sealing away Amon.

Over the events of the game, Yuri would come to learn of Albert's association with Sapientes Gladio - and his ulterior motives behind his attempts to cleanse the world - to rob it of their corrupting influence. He met with Albert's former friend, Bishop Jovis - who oversaw a ritual that would allow Yuri to dive into his soul, and unseal Amon from the mistletoe's power.

Deep inside his soul, it had taken influence from the location of Albert's pact with Amon, Tiffauges Castle, but had been warped into Mirror Palace. Through one of the many mirrors, Albert sat on a bench in a forgotten part of Yuri's soul, gazing off into the distance.

"Only you can do it, Yuri. That's what I think."

They briefly spoke of Yuri's convictions to defeat Rasputin. Albert encouraged him; after all, Yuri had - through sheer force of will - claimed both the soul of Amon, and defeated a god. They parted on good company, Albert believing that Yuri could indeed best Rasputin, following in his footsteps.

Albert is mentioned again briefly by Yuri after Rasputin's defeat, as he mocks the latter by saying that Albert was hundred times stronger than Rasputin had been.

"A vast power lies beyond this mirror..."

Albert makes one final appearance as Yuri investigates Tiffauges Castle. Emerging from a mirror he told Yuri of the history of the castle, and was pleased with his use of Amon's power defeating Rasputin. He stated however, that from a Rasputin's demise, a greater threat had appeared, and offered Yuri a forbidden power, surpassing even that of Amon's, should he defeat Albert in combat. Yuri agreed, and the two fought.

"The ultimate demon. That's a fitting name for you, Godslayer!"

Victorious again, Yuri gained the power of Neo-Amon, while Albert returned to his mirror, pleased with him, calling him "The ultimate demon", adding that it was a fitting name for the Godslayer. Before vanishing once again into the depths of Yuri's soul.

Abilites[edit | edit source]

Albert is a powerful warlock and alchemist, having been the best and most apt of all of Roger Bacon's pupils.

Healing in mere seconds

While not biologically immortal like his former teacher, he has lived a life far longer than the normal human life-span through unknown means, being at least four hundred years old at the time of his death. Also unlike Roger, who has continued to age, Albert has appeared to age at a slower rate, looking more like a man of around sixty.

Highly intelligent, he has a deep understanding of the occult, and arcane magics, and is an acomplished magician. He is capable of summoning monsters familiars to aid him in battle, and in particular seems to favour Wind Shears.

His alchemical knowledge is shown during his attempted experiments on Wugui - creating a pained, inhuman coloured puppet - and some kind of living meat structure, although he brands the end result a failure.

"D'oh!" - Albert gets hit by debris

His innate magical powers include the ability to teleport himself and others to various locations via a distortion, levitation, the ability to detect auras, a telekinetic blast, the ability to shoot and manipulate a lightning stream, the ability to render people unconscious with a touch, a shield that protects and deflects objects from hitting him (only when he appears to be concentrating however) and the ability to heal himself almost instantly from any wound - although he does appear to feel the pain.

He is also shown to be able to charge and drain the energy of others, and redirect it according to his needs.

Through his Soul Pact with Amon, he has added protection granted by the God of Destruction, nullifying an otherwise fatal attack from Koudelka, is able to take on his form, and access to increased destructive power. Later still, whilst in the Neamto Float, he calls upon the energies of the place to transform his body in that of the Messiah - severely warping his form, but granting him incredible power.

Personality[edit | edit source]


A man of many contradictions; charming, suave, and debonair, Cardinal Albert Simon personified the very notion of a dapper gentleman, which often contrasted with his more brutal, callous and sadistic tendancies.

Highly intelligent, he was a well-learned individual, but would use his vast knowledge and intellect for more nefarious ends. He tended to plan things in advance, often having multiple back-up plans, and manipulating others to secure his intentions - however he was also quick to seize an opportunity should one present itself, using guile and cunning to turn a situation to his advantage.

While appearing amiable and polite, even to his enemies, he was relatively unconcerned about the welfare of his allies, and quite willing to let them die at Yuri's hands when their usefulness had come to an end. But, despite preferring to work through lackies and underlings, he was not above getting personally involved, should he feel the need.

Appearing at times almost aloof, he was also possessed of a great cruelty, that often contrasted with a gently mocking, ironic sense of humour.

Throughout his life, he was a great believer in egalitarianism, and sought to create a world in which the boundaries between race and class were non-existant. He was, however, also very much a realist, and understood that such a society would be impossible without radical action.

To achieve his goals, he greatly believed that the ends justified the means, whatever the cost, and genuinely believed that his goals were for the ultimate benefit of mankind.

In summation, he is Yuri’s polar opposite in everything from his stately manner of speech to his stylish attire.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In artwork, Albert is often depicted holding a cane - the cane itself which never makes a physical appearance in either Shadow Hearts or Shadow Hearts: Covenant, only featuring in flashback artworks.
  • The name Albert comes from Old German High Words that mean "noble" or "bright," which fit his attire as a English gentleman and the vast knowledge he possesses. Simon was also the the original name of the apostle Peter, and also the Samaritan sorcerer "Simon Magus" who was converted by Saint Peter.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Early Sacnoth Website Character Promo and SH1 preorder book, "Judgement Book" bizarrely lists age as "43" while under the alias of Roger Bacon. Later references simply list it as "Unknown".
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