Element water Alfonso "Al" Capone
Alfonso "Al" Capone
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana アルフォンソ・カポネ
Romaji Arufonso kapone
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Tetsuya Oka
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Marc Thompson
Age 29
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Home Chicago
Element Water Element water

Alfonso Capone, also known as Al Capone, is the Italian Mafia boss of Chicago. He is also the older brother of Edna Capone.

Library EntryEdit

A mafia boss who rules Chicago with violence and booze. No one in the underworld would dream of crossing him. Popular with civilians because he leaves them alone.


Before the heroes arrive in Chicago, Al Capone was thrown in Alcatraz Prison for tax evasion. Anticipating this, Capone told his old friend Mao to take over until he returned. Unbeknownst to him, however, his beloved sister Edna was kidnapped and subsquently killed by the rival Irish crime boss, McManus. After Capone is rescued by Johnny and company from Alcatraz, he heads to Las Vegas to settle the score with McManus, where he succeeds in avenging Edna's death. After Johnny and his companions reach The Gate they can return to Capone's office, where he informs Ricardo of an estate in Wisconsin called The Dollhouse where an old dollmaker lives, one who can contact the dead using her dolls.


Capone is fairly calm and level-headed for the most part, not even flinching when an assassin attempts to kill him. However, he is quick to anger when his sister, Edna, is threatened, being very protective of her. This anger blinds him and causes him to rush into trouble without thinking. Finally, he seems to have a friendly rivalry with FBI Agent Eliott Ness, and is old friends with Mao.


In Real LifeEdit

Al Capone was America's most infamous gangster during the Prohibition Era, leading one of the largest gangs in the country known as the "Capones," dedicated to smuggling, bootlegging liquor and other illegal activities. Al Capone's base of operations was in Chicago from the early 1920s up until 1931, when he was sentenced to federal prison for tax evasion and sent to Alcatraz. His business card reportedly described him as a used-furniture dealer.

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