Alloces' Sigil

A demon of the Wilderness of War.

Level 6 Crest.

Description[edit | edit source]

Man with a lion's face in bronze armour. Fights by the frontier Bastion, sometimes in support of the horses of friend Berith.

Where to find[edit | edit source]

Lottery prize, Geppetto's Apartment

Solomon's Key Location[edit | edit source]


Wilderness of War, bottom row, center-right node.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Arc Surge 35 MP Increases Special Attack for all allies Hailbreeze.jpg Hailbreezering.jpg
Post Completion
Evil Born 32 MP Small area Dark attack (knock down) Evilborn.jpg Evilbornring.jpg

Etymology[edit | edit source]

As depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal.

Alloces is a Great Duke of Hell, and who commands thirty-six legions of demons.

He is described as appearing in the shape of a knight mounted on an enormous horse, with the horse having dragon legs instead of hooves. His face has leonine characteristics; he has a ruddy complexion and burning eyes; and he speaks with much gravity.

He is said to provide good familiars, and to teach astronomy and liberal arts.

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