Andrealphus 16530

Andrealphus' Crest


A giant peacock. This astronomer can read all calamity in the stars. Every day, he studies the sky with his giant telescope.

Where to findEdit

Equipped by default to Anastasia.

Solomon's Key LocationEdit


Spring of Wisdom, second row from bottom, far-right node.


Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Aqua Edge 8 MP Adds Water class to one ally's Physical Attack Aquaedgeshc Aquaedgering
Heat Edge 8 MP Adds Fire class to one ally's Physical Attack Heatedge Heatedgering
Post Completion
Entrance 25% MP of Total MP In exchange for 25% of user's MP, one ally's Special Attack increases by 125 to 150% for their next turn Entrance Entrancering



As depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal.

Andrealphus is a Great Marquis of Hell rulung over thirty legions.

He is depicted as a horse-faced man, with the tail of peacock, or assumes the form of a peacock.

When in the form of a peafowl he can create great noises and teaches cunning in astronomy, and when in human form also teaches geometry in a perfect manner, and has the ability to turn any man into a bird.

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