Anne's Quiz is a sidequest in FTNW that, when answered correctly, grants you Shania's Ultimate Armor, the Nigvast. The quiz is made up of 10 multiple choice questions, with 10 seconds to answer. Answers are from your knowledge of the world and of your characters. If any question is answered wrong, the quiz ends and must be retaken. Questions are limited, so often when trying again you'll see the same questions.

The quiz becomes available after visiting the Gate at least once.

The main question, however, is how Anne seems to know these things.

Question Answer
What is the name of Johnny's father? Graham
Who was the boss of the gang that opposed the Capone family? McManus
What is the name of the female ninja Frank ran into again at Roswell? Britney
What is the strange creature's name? Roger Bacon
What was the number of the Las Vegas hotel room where Ricardo was being held? Room 818
What is the title of the magazine published by Lenny's old acquaintance? Weekly Arts
Who is the elder of Moana Village? Okanagan
Mao collects cat coins. What type of fish is carved on the blue coin? A Mackeral
What does Raul at Arkham University want to be in the future? The President
Who asked Natan to go and catch the UMA? Nvwoti
What is the name of the AD at Purramount Pictures? Hamameow
What does Lenny always call Johnny? Master
What is the name of the hot-shot library clerk at Arkham University? Sebastian
What item did Smith the Swindler want when he was interred in Alcatraz? A Spoon
Which shopkeeper of the moving Harley sidecar shop is always on the left? Gerard
Which food instantly increases Hilda's calories? Cake
What is the name of Mao's second opponent at Purramount Pictures? Sammo Meow
What is the name of the man Shania's parents betrothed her to? Zonda
Who gives you attack time ups? The Ring Spirit
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