Level 40
HP 8281
MP 384
KFire -
Kwind Nulls
Klight Absorbs
Kwater -
Kearth -
Kdark -
STR 69
VIT 91
DEX 30
INT 26
PIE 59
MND 26
AGL 49
LUC 30
Evade 50
Magic Evade 50

Air Cannon*

Drops Crossbow

A boss enemy encountered in the monastery cloister. It attacks when the party attempt to enter the entrance to the chapel area of the monastery. It is the last mandatory boss of disc three.


A fallen Angel who delights in death and torture. Summoned by the evils of Nemeton Monastery, his only desire is to unleash chaos upon the world and take glee from its ruin.


The Apostle is actually upside down and floats, almost serenely, above the battlefield without the need to flap its wings.

It has a large purple bulbous body, covered in what appear to be eyes, and a probiscus-like growth where its head should be. The most noticeable things on this creature are the striking yellow and green wings and a halo which revolves around its foot, rather like a hula-hoop. It also has long and impossibly thin arms in contrast to its incredibly thick legs.

It also has a tendancy to "dance" from time-to-time, making strange gittering motions, even when not actually casting a spell.


This Boss is rather tricky, if it's body starts to move alot, it's open for physical attacks, if it stays still, it's open for some magic attacks.



The-inspiration-of-saint-matthew-by-caravaggio 1 orig

The Apostle, St Matthew, and an angel.

"Apostle" derives from the Ancient Greek word "ἀπόστολος", meaning "One who is sent forth".

An "Apostle" (capitalised "A") is the title given to the twelve diciples of Jesus, whom he had personally chosen to preach his teachings and to spread the Gospel.

As a result it is also used to describe someone who is an early pioneer or follower of a cause in the early stages of that cause. It also can refer to a missionary,as in "one who travels to spread the word".

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