ShI monsters 093
Shadow Hearts
HP 310
MP 400
Element Element light Light
P-ATK 198
P-DEF 51
Sp-ATK 120
Sp-DEF 667
AGL 56
LUC 56
Blind Ring


Location Neameto Float
Immunities -
EXP Gained 2340
Cash 1300
Soul Worth 2
Item Drops Mana Extract

Bestiary InfoEdit

The creation of god's mistake. A beautiful woman with the lower half of a flesh-eating bug. A guard who loves the twisted light of the Castle of Deranged Gods.


Ok this creature will appear in groups of three or two with other Arcmine's or its sister the Enigma. They have fairly high HP and will usually go down form one or two sucessful attacks, or one hit by a high leveled ability. They also know Nova but strangly they can only target it at one person so don't worry



Alcmene birthing Heracles.

An ever-so-slight misromanisation of "Alcmene". In Greek mythology, she was the mother of Heracles.

The goddess, Hera, not wishing Heracles to be born, tasked the goddess of childbirth to place a charm on Alcmene, so that Heracles would not be delivered. A servant of Alcmene, however, managed to distract her, allowing Heracles to be delivered, after seven painful days of labour, due to his large size.

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