Area in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

A forest bordering France and Germany. it is the first dungeon that can be revisited soon after beating it.

The player starts out with Yuri, Blanca, and Gepetto in the party. Gepetto gives a few Crests that he and Blanca can equip.

After exiting the cave, the first battle starts automatically. After beating that, Gepetto explains that he assumes the Mistletoe's curse causes Yuri's soul to be very unstable, making him unable to use his Fusion abilities.

There are two ways out of the forest. After the cutscene, going left across the log bridge leads to the "short way." A battery can be found in a treasure chest that will be used on an elevator.

The "long way" leads deeper into the forest. By following a certain path, Yuri and the others will reach an abandoned drawbridge. All levers must be set to the "ON" position to lower it, but the trick is the levers move randomly whenever they are pulled.

By crossing the bridge or taking the elevator, the player reaches a clearing where Yuri passes out and enters the Graveyard.

After unlocking the first fusion, Yuri would unintentionally unleash malice that summons Arachne.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Death Snail -
Skeeter -
Zosim -
Name Notes
Arachne -


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