Attack Boosts can increase the number of attacks for one character's Physical Attack ring. Typically some have one hit area or three at the most. Attack Boosts can only be used twice on the same character, thus increasing Physical Attack hits from three to five.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[edit | edit source]


Attack Boosts are gained by encountering the Ring Soul in certain areas. After a somewhat comical cutscene with Yuri and Karin, the Ring Soul gives an Attack Boost free of charge. Overall, there are sixteen of these in the game world.

This Ring Item embodies the war spirit of the god Shankar, ruler of creation and destruction. Increases number of attacks on the Judgement Ring.

Shadow Hearts: From The New World[edit | edit source]


It is a different story for Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Here, Johnny must find Ring Fragments littered around the game world. After getting one, he can head back to New York. Beside his detective agency, he can encounter the Ring Spirit. After another cutscene, he exchanges the Ring Fragment for an Attack Boost. There are fourteen Ring Fragments, each gives the player one Attack Boost

This Ring Item embodies the fighting spirit of the God of Violence, Vishunaya, who with his 6 arms destroys all. Increases attacks on the Judgement Ring.

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