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The Awaker - Johnny's true self

Born from, and overflowing with the combined power of malice and of will, this is Johnny's true form.

Info Edit

Johnny who released the sleeping malice. It is a purely evil mass that has the power to destroy the world, Johnny has to decide whether or not he should use that power.


+20 +13 +10 +12 +10 +10

Awaker Edit


Freed form of the Malice within Johnny. After getting stabbed in the heart by Killer in Uyumi Salt Lake, he becomes resurrected as Awaker and fights back. With Killer defeated for the time being, he turns against his friends. Shania saves Johnny by releasing the will within the tower. With this influx canceling out Awaker's malice, Johnny was reborn. Awaker only becomes unlocked after he discovers the truth about his past, just when the last dungeon appears.

Awaker can not use Handy Tools. His Strength is pretty high, making him a good tank as well as support character. His Intelligence is high too, but smaller than Strength.

SP consumption as Awaker: 4 SP per turn.

Attacks Edit

Name MP Cost Height Description Image Ring
Dual React 88 MP Sh3heightall Medium area Non-Elemental attack, 24 hits, hard hit. Duelreact Sh3 ring dual react
Ether Purge 300 MP Sh3heightall Unlocked by beating Purgatory. Non-elemental attack that targets all enemies, chain effect, 33 hits, standard. Etherpurge Sh3 ring ether purge


Name SP Cost Description Image
Cancel - Disembody and revert to Human form. Sh3 disembody awaker


Trivia Edit

  • When in his transformed state, his eyes change from green to blue (the color of will) and glaze over, further highlighting the parallels between him and his sister, who because of the malice, has red eyes (formally blue) and also has a permanently vacant expression.

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