Azure Orb
Azure orb
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Type Valuable
Location Sea of Woods
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price N/A


Azure orb description

普段は薄青く輝いているが, マリスを吸うと鮮血のような赤い光を放つ.
表面を良く見ると, 苦しみ呻く面のようなものが陂っている.

Rough Translation:
Mysterious orb that is able to absorb Malice.
Usually shines a pale blue, it emits a red light, like the colour of fresh blood, when absorbing malice.
When gazing into the surface, something that looks like agonised groaning faces can be seen.

How to GetEdit

Found in the Sea of Woods, Director's Cut only


Several are required to break the malice barrier to fight the boss.


  • Through hacking, this valuable exists in the PAL version of Covenant - it uses the picture, but lacks any description, and cannot be used.

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