Designed and created by Roger Bacon, the Bacon Jet is a highly advanced jet aircraft that functions as Yuri and his friends primary means of transport, after they save Roger from his kidnapping by Sapientes Gladio.

The jet was sought after by Sapientes Gladio to assist them in their bid for global domination. Although they were apparently unable to locate it, as it was hidden by Roger inside a hidden hanger accessable via a secret elevator inside his house.

Highly advanced, it had a heavy water, nuclear fusion engine, and could travel up to 3000 kilometers on just a single bucket of water. It was also capable of vertical take off, and landing.

Much to his friends' discomfort, Roger was the pilot, and they disliked the inital speed at which he would take off.

Despite this, the jet crashed only once, into a mountain in the woods of Hokkaido, Japan, because Princess Anastasia Romanov wanted to take a picture of a mother bear and her cub, forcing an emergency landing.

The party continued onto Honshu leaving Roger to deal with the bears, and repairs. Although it didn't do any long-term damage, and was made quickly airbourne once again.

It's success led Roger to create a similar, but smaller aircraft called the "Sky Boat"[1] some years later.

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