ShI monsters 086.jpg
Shadow Hearts
HP 800
MP 400
Element Element fire.gif Fire
P-ATK 200
P-DEF 40
Sp-ATK 120
Sp-DEF 110
AGL 59
LUC 60


Location Ancient Ruins
Immunities -
EXP Gained 3000
Cash 1400
Soul Worth 2
Item Drops Mana Extract

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

Pet transformed by drinking Asp's saliva. It has lost its mind, but still recognizes its owner's voice. Its breath stinks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Like the Asp it also knows Petrify and will appear alone or in 2's. They also can take fair enough HP away so be careful and take them out quickly.

Etymology[edit | edit source]


A basilisk is a serpentine monster that can either burn whatever comes near it, or kill with just a glance.

Its name derives from the Greek, "Basilískos", "Little King", as it was regarded as the "King of Serpents". It was said to be created by being hatched by a cockerel from the egg of a serpent or toad. The inverse to a similar creature, the Cockatrice, which is a chicken egg hatched from under a serpent.

Its appearance varies from legend to legend, but recurring descriptions include a crown-like cockscomb and its deadly gaze.

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