Sh3fetishicon Bear Statue
Bear statue
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
"An earth coloured Bear statue made of soap stone."

Fetish for Shania that will permanently boost Tatan'Ka's base stats when charged with Soul Energy.


A Bear statue made of earth brown soap stone. Its splendor as guardian of the earth is in its four strong limbs. Soul Energy strengthens the power of earth spirits


Given as a reward by Samuel in the Snap Card trading quest, "Please Find This 2".

Soul ChargeEdit

Soul Charge
Level Soul Energy Effect
LV. 1 - Base Stats.
LV. 2 25 Str+1, Vit+1, Pow+1
LV. 3 75 Str+1, Int+1, Agl+1, Luc+1
LV. 4 125 Str+1, Vit+1, Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+1
LV. 5 175 Str+1, Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+1

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