Final Area in Koudelka.

After setting the Church ablaze, Koudelka, Edward and James fled upstairs, pursued by monsters and vines.

Bud of Yggdrasil[edit | edit source]


Confronting Elaine, the party is forced further up the tower, when she turns out to be far too strong to kill.

Belltower Summit[edit | edit source]


Where "Elaine" fought. By going upstairs to "Top spire". Elaine turns into the Insect that will kill Koudelka, Edward and James.

Items[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Black Cat -
Demonic Bead Type C
Explode Corpse Type C
Giant Type B
Headless Corpse Type C
Corpse Hound Type C
Minotauros Type B
Tamacoss Type C
Watcher Type C

Name Notes
Vine -
Patrick's Vine -
Elaine -
Elaine (Final Form) -

Screen Gallery[edit | edit source]

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