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Town in Translyvania. Visited in SH.

Michelle's ShopEdit

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The Shop

Bistritz's item shop. Michelle and Nina live in and run the shop. Kevin frequents the shop, which puts both of them on edge.

Kevin's HouseEdit

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Kevin's House

The Mayor, Kevin, lives here. He, like most of the residents, refuses to open his doors at night.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Mailman -
Police Dog -
Birdman -
Name Notes
Tindalos -



Do Re Mi Shop
Item Price Item Price
Sh1acessorylogo Studded Cap 1700 Sh1itemlogo Thera Root 300
Sh1acessorylogo Western Belt 600 Sh1itemlogo Mana Leaf 100
Sh1acessorylogo Metal Belt 3000 Sh1itemlogo Mana Root 500
Sh1acessorylogo Shell Bracelet 2770 Sh1itemlogo Pure Leaf 230
Sh1acessorylogo Bone Bracelet 2960 Sh1itemlogo Pure Seed 510
Sh1acessorylogo Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Luck 480
Sh1acessorylogo Bell Bracelet 3120 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Mercy 820
Sh1acessorylogo Mirror Bracelet 3240 Sh1itemlogo Soul Benediction 500
Sh1acessorylogo Spikes 2810 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Arrowhead 100
Sh1acessorylogo Pocket Watch 5200 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Dagger 200
Sh1acessorylogo Leonardo's Bear 3300 Sh1itemlogo Silver Hourglass 100
Sh1acessorylogo Voodoo Doll 5200 Sh1itemlogo Gold Hourglass 200
Sh1acessorylogo Coral Lariat 5050 Sh1itemlogo Tent 480
Sh1itemlogo Thera Seed 120

Chicken Heart
Item Price
Alicebookslogo Tome of the Sun 6020
Keithswordlogo Royal Estoc 6230
Sh1armourmalelogo Chainmail Vest 5500
Sh1armourfemalelogo Silk Bolero 5940

Treasure ChestsEdit


NPC InteractionEdit

  • Sh1keyitem East Gate Key - Given automatically by Nina.
  • Sh1keyitem Earth Gravestone - Continue to "quietly watch over" the seeds Nina plants outside her shop, leaving and then re-entering town and examining the seeds.


  • Bistritz was also in Bram Stoker's novel of Dracula where the character Jonathan Harker stayed there at the Golden Krone Hotel. Although no hotel existed, a hotel of the same name was built for tourists.

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