Bitten by mosquitos

Black Fever is a lethal disease that can be caught aften being bitten by a rare African mosquito.

With a 100% mortality rate, and no incubation period, the Royal Medical Society has secretly cultivated the disease-bearing mosquitos, and manufactured a cure for their own purposes.

While not immediately fatal, the victim will suffer and eventually die after one-to-three days.


The main symptom of the disease.

Symptoms include;

  • Fever
  • Black-coloured bloody vomit
  • Bodily weakness eventually leading to unconsciousness, and death.

In addition to being bitten, direct contact with the vomit itself can also spread the disease.

The symptoms seem to take hold quicker in children.

While it can only be cured with the RMS own solution, the progress of the disease can be slowed with other medicines.


Dr Horn purposely infects The Asian Man with the disease to give him motivation to kill Koudelka, informing him that he alone has the cure.

Later, Joshua contracts the disease while trying to help the Asian Man for saving their lives, after he is covered in the man's black vomit. Dr Hans tries to assist in saving Joshua's life, leading Koudelka to the RMS's HQ - the location of the cure.

Although unsuccessful in obtaining the cure themselves, the head of the RMS, Lord Leslie, saves Joshua for his own purposes.

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