Optional dungeon found in SH:C. In this area, Lucia must be a member of the party.

A drunken man tells Yuri and the others that he encountered talking flowers in the Black Forest. When Lucia visits, the drunk's rumors are proven true and she wants to progress deeper into the forest.

One of the flowers tells of the certain conduct for speaking with the flowers. The flowers will lie, but they will speak truth if Lucia talks to a previous flower of a certain color. Then they will tell the right path deeper into the forest.

It must be followed correctly; one mistake sends everyone back to the beginning. For most of the time, black flowers will pressure everyone to leave the forest, while white flowers speak the truth.

After progressing deeper, there is an area by a Save Point where Lucia must follow either the white flower or the black flower. If the player follows the white flower's advice, it will be a Game Over. But following the black flower leads Lucia and the others to fight Gaap.

After beating Gaap, Yuri and the others recieve the Gaap Crest. Also, Lucia finds the real Adriatic Magnolia and brings some back to Carla. Then Carla can now make Lucia's ultimate Aromatherapy oil, Aurora Oil.

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Beatrice -
Golden Beetle -
Penanggian -
Name Notes
Gaap -

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