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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 26 June 2021

Codex of Lurie

Mentioned as the "R'lyeh Text" (ROO-LEE-AY) in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Albert uses it to raise the Neameto Float.

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Greatly sought after, this ancient tome is rumored to be a secret guide to summoning the "Other Gods".

"It tells how to summon the 'Other God'...An omnipotent god from the far reaches of space..."

"...The R'lyeh Text, with the power to summon a god from beyond the stars..." ~ Yuri

First featured in Shadow Hearts (where it was translated as the Codex of Lurie), and mentioned in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is hinted to be of extraterrestrial origin, and is closely tied to Nemeton, one of the many places on Earth that contain a build-up of mysterious energy, like ley lines or nerve points of …

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 26 June 2021

Pulse Tract

Bacon's manuscript: "The rainbow's treasure is a golden moon, burning sun, old forest, royal garden, ocean's color, drop of blood and from the sky to rebirth".

"The first is the Pulse Tract. With it one can command the earth veins in order to wake an ancient god."

"The Pulse Tract, which incarnates a god from the soul of the Earth..." ~ Yuri

First featured in Shadow Hearts, and mentioned in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. This book contains the rites for the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation, which summons the Tengaiou/Seraphic Radiance/Dark Seraphim from the soul of the earth. This ritual is similar to the Demon's Gate Invocation (which fooled Zhuzhen, Zhongyun and Xifa into thinking it was), which also summons an earth spirit. However, it is of incr…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 3 October 2020

Cleria Dagger

Japanese Name: クレリアダガー (Kureriadagā)

Based on a Buddhist weapon called a vajra. Used in India since ancient times by warrior monks. A spell in the blade slows the healing of wounds.

Buy Price: 2940
Sell Price: 1470

Obtained: Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu

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0001 0001 13 September 2020

UCP Changes

As you all have noticed, the wikia has shifted to Unified Community Platform - which has messed up the look of the older templates, and info boxes.

Things are gonna look a bit ugly for a while until either they restore some of that functionality, or I get used to this new way of working and modify them - which may take a bit, as this is all fresh and new to me as well.

Thank you all.

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Dengarde Dengarde 1 November 2017

Shadow Hearts II DC Translation: Copy Pasting

Hello! Just thought I'd post a little update on the SHII Directors cut. One or two people have asked me something I'd like to address: 

"Dengarde, an English translation already exists! Isn;t most of this just a copy and paste job?"

That was my first thought too! After trying it however, I can tell you right now, it will not work. And if you'd like to know why, then sit down and grab some popcorn, because this will be a bit of a read.

My attempt with this was done in the area AR_00_U. Or, as you guys know it, the first area of Ardennes Forest, where Gepetto gives you your first crests. At first, it works fine! The script is running properly, everything is readable, we're golden! And then...

...magical what, Gepetto? He'll never tell you, becau…

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Dengarde Dengarde 27 May 2017

New Video

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little video to show off some progress

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Dengarde Dengarde 25 May 2017

Translation Progress


Character Names (Except Kurando, the name pulled after "Young Swordsman" is placed elsewhere)

All item names of all types

Main Menu (Not including Sub-menus)

  • Options Screen
  • Personals (Except for Profiles and some small, insignificant suff)

All characters battle commands (Except Crest Magic)

Map of Europe (But not the Paris sub-map)


Crest Magic (Currently offset due to removal of unused entries and rearaging of existing entries)

Crest Names (Same reason above)

Enemy Names (Same reason above)


  • Character profiles cannot fit in their full translations without crashing the game
  • When obtaining Blanca's best weapon, Garbage text appears in place of the weapons name after Ernest gives it to you, dispite the name being transl…

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Dengarde Dengarde 24 May 2017

8 person party?!

I...I have no idea what to make of this.

The actuall party being used here is Veronica, Lenny, Nicolai, and Karin, but the Anastasia and 2 Yuri's work fine??????????????

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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 31 May 2015



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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 14 October 2014

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Nominated in Wikia's Ultimate JRPG Battle

Hello there, JRPG Fans!

Wikia is hosting an exciting tournament featuring Japanese role-playing games. The best titles of the genre are squaring off across 15 categories to separate the best from the best! Categories include Best Story, Best Cast of Characters, Best Soundtrack, and a whole lot more. Users can vote in these polls to determine the winners. This exciting battle is being brought to you by Mistwalker Corporation's new mobile strategy JRPG, Terra Battle

We are stopping by to spread the word! Shadow Hearts: Covenant has been nominated in the category Best Enemy Design.


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Diaricks Diaricks 6 October 2013


Hi, my name is Diaricks, and I am an editor.

Although I do like to write pages and add in descriptions, my most favorite thing about editing is definitely uploading pictures to galleries on different character pages. So you'll probably notice that I'm responsible for a lot of the images uploaded to different character galleries.

I've watched walkthroughs of all three games of the Shadowhearts series, but because I'm not an avid gamer (but more of an avid YouTuber-watcher) I have never played any of the games and otherwise have no gaming experience whatsoever.

My favorite game of the three is Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and my favorite characters are Joachim, Lucia, and Blanca.

It's nice to see all the contributions that have been added to the Sha…

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Bx.champ Bx.champ 20 February 2012

Newbie :))


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Ehclarx Ehclarx 24 January 2011

A Realization with Bonus

Wow, my first blog here!

Not to celebrate for long, though. I've decided to become active again, what with a new copy of the first SH coming my way, so I want to get back into the groove here. :3

As well, I realized that the game guide I have has item/character/level/etc. pictures (a late realization, I know). But with this knowledge, I'm going to start scanning in things, specifically items pictures because of the severe lack of them, and adding them up. I'm hoping that's helpful! I also see a bunch of thing in the "wanted" section for Covenant, so I guess I'll try to start something with those, too.

Also, I have finished my long search for the SH:C Manga Anthology. It's quite entertaining!

And that's it for now! I'll be scanning things as so…

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