Buer's Sigil

A demon of the Spring of Wisdom.

Level 7 Crest.

Description[edit | edit source]

A half-man, half-horse with silver skin. He conducts dangerous studies reshaping human flesh, helped by Gusion and Botis.

Where to find[edit | edit source]


Solomon's Key Location[edit | edit source]


Spring of Wisdom, second row from top, centre-right node.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Arc Heal 18 MP Cures all Status and Ring abnormalities for all allies Archeal.jpg Archealring.jpg
Post Completion
Cure All 32 MP Restores all HP to one ally Cureall.jpg Cureallring.jpg

Etymology[edit | edit source]

As depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal.

Buer is a Great President of Hell, having fifty legions of demons under his command.

He teaches natural and moral philosophy, logic, and the virtues of all herbs and plants, and is also capable of healing all infirmities (especially of men) and bestows good familiars.

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