A prison under the guise of a mental asylum, it is headed by Viscount Rausan, the leader of the remnants of the Spanish Inquisition.

Main Cells

Main Cells

Most of the facility consists of hallways lined with small, lightly-furnished cells. Each door is marked with a diamond, spade, heart, or club as an indicator of which key is used to open it.

Electric Chair Room


A large room with a portion of the floor risen. There are tables scattered about, but the main feature of the room is the grotesque-looking electric chair in the center of the room, wired to the ceiling. It appears to be used for torture rather than execution.

Fountain Room

A room containing many table-like pieces of furniture and a small fountain in each corner. Looking closely, each fountain appears to have a switch at the bottom.

Halley's Mother's Cell

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A cell that is much larger than the rest, and locked with it's own key. Most likely used to house extremely troublesome or special prisoners. The doors are very thick and possibly reinforced by magic, and the key remains under heavy guard.

Enemies Encountered

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Spectre Scripted encounters.
Meat Eater -
Doom -
Buggs -
Name Notes
Rausan -
Arcane Olga -


Treasure Chests


  • Sh1keyitem.png Bronze Coin - Near the last cell on the right in the first hallway.
  • Sh1itemlogo.png Lottery Ticket - Under the first arc at the end of the second hallway.
  • Sh1keyitem.png Silver Coin - Near the upper-left table in the fountain room
  • Keithswordlogo.png Deathblade, Jiru - Examine the rags on the floor inside Koudelka's cell. (Revisit)

Enemy Drops

Lottery Members

No.04: Introverted Chopin

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