Calories is a type of stat that will change the form of Hilda.


Calorie Bar

To gain or lose calories, Hilda must use her Calorie Drain skill on enemies; Depending on the enemy she will either gain, or lose calories.

The stat is represented in a bar and goes from -100 to 100.

If the bar is between -99 to-11, Hilda will be in her Slim Form. If the bar is -10 to 10, she will be in her Pink Bat form, and finally, if the bar is +11 to +99, she will be in her Curvy Form.

If it goes to +100 or -100, her stats will go really high and she will go into mask form (Slim Mask or Curvy Mask, depending on the + or -) for only 3 battles, before turning into Pink bat with 0 calories.

Certain items can be found that also effect the bar; Angel Souffles will increase calories by 25, while Fruity Fiber will decrease it by 25.

Hilda's unique items, the Seraphim Straw, and the Devil Straw, will also increase and decrease the calories drained from enemies, respectively.

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