ShI monsters 008
Shadow Hearts
HP 26
MP 100
Element Element water Water
P-ATK 37
P-DEF 15
Sp-ATK 17
Sp-DEF 8
AGL 13
LUC 15
Flash Flood
Location Zhaoyang Village
Immunities -
EXP Gained 17
Cash 105
Soul Worth 1
Item Drops Bronze Dagger

Bestiary InfoEdit

This beast-ghost guards the graveyard of wolves. It brings trouble to humans that step into its tribe's hunting ground. Its attacks are fast and deadly.


Suushi Inugami

An inugami possessing a man.

Canus is Latin for "Dog" or "Hound".

The Japanese name for Canus, Inugami (犬神) is a type of dog spirit that has the ability to possess people and objects. Capricious, they could bring either great luck, or misfortune upon a house.

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