Starting area in Koudelka, where the player is introduced to Koudelka Iasant, Edward Plunkett, and Father James O' Flaherty.,

It is the primary living quarters of the Nemeton caretakers, Ogden and Bessy Hartman, containing several food storage areas, the monastery kitchen, their bedroom, their living room, a well, a herb garden and both a connecting passage to the Dungeons, and a bolted door to the Storage Rooms.

Grain Storage[edit | edit source]

Koudelka and Edward meet

Having slipped and fallen through the ceiling, Koudelka comes across the wounded Edward, who is on the verge of death, and covered in blood.

The creature responsible for Edward's wounds, sneaks up behind Koudelka and attempts to kill her. Unable to aim because of his injuries, Edward throws the gun to Koudelka so she can finish off the creature.

Having killed the beast, Koudelka then, reluctantly, but wishing to thank him for saving her life, heals Edward, and the pair start their journey through the Monastery.

Items[edit | edit source]

Living Quarters[edit | edit source]


Koudelka and Edward first encounter the caretakers, shortly after exiting the grain storage.

Though they appear friendly and welcoming, they try to poison the pair by serving them poisoned soup.


Later, when finding the Red Key, the player gains access not just to the living quarters, but to a backroom where some of Ogden's paintings are hung.

One of particular of note, is the Princess Alice - the steamer cruise-ship on which Ogden was captain, before it sunk, killing nearly all aboard.

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Items (Revisit)[edit | edit source]

Kitchen and Herb Garden[edit | edit source]

Herb Garden

After healing Edward from his poisoning, Koudelka encounters an unconscious James.

After she and Edward defeat the "Giant Plant" boss, a Holy Font is activated, and the pair set off with James in search of answers to the mysteries within the Monastery.

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Gatehouse[edit | edit source]


Area connecting to the Dungeon, located above the main gate of the monastery.

The door is barred until James is rescued from the Herb Garden. After he is rescued, Ogden and Bessy attempt to shoot Koudelka and the party, aiming up at the gatehouse.

The Seeker Trio lie in wait and will attack Koudelka, James and Edward as they attempt to pass through the area.

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Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Black Cat -
Sucker Type A
Explode Corpse Type A
Face Type A
Giant Roach Type A
Hand of Glory Type A
Headless Corpse Type A
Inverse Type A
Jester Type A & B
Sham Type A & B
Possessed Armor Type A & B
Possessed Chair Type A
Possessed Table Type A
Puppet Type A & B
Shadow Type A
Spectre Type A

Name Notes
Werewolf -
Giant Plant -
Seeker Trio -

Screen Gallery[edit | edit source]

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