Chaos Wars (カオスウォーズ ) is a tactical role-playing video game released by Idea Factory for the PlayStation 2 in Japan on September 21, 2006. Publisher O3 purchased the rights for the release for North America only, and released it as a Gamestop exclusive.

A Tactical RPG, featuring various crossovers from different video game franchises - the most relevant of which here is Shadow Hearts. It's more infamous for its incredibly poor English dub, and overall low quality of the translation, than it is for its gameplay.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story focuses on the idea that people are being teleported from other dimensions to the world of Endia. The characters are therefore transposed from their normal existances to come and do battle in this strange world.

Translation and Localisation[edit | edit source]

As noted previously, the game is more well-known due to its shoddy localisation than its actual gameplay. With regards to the Shadow Hearts cameos, romanisations of the Japanese names are used rather than the more familiar offical English localised names:

  • Yuri - Uru
  • Karin - Karen, sometimes Karren
  • Nicolai - Nicole
  • Gepetto is variously correct, and other times referred to as "Zepet".

In addition to showing a lack of familiarity with the offical English localisation, much of the text is riddled with poor grammar and spelling mistakes.

Cameos and Items[edit | edit source]

Cameos[edit | edit source]

Playable Shadow Hearts cameos include;

Enemy cameos featured are;

In addition, Roger Bacon makes an appearance, and watch-maker Edgar is referenced in the game's internal dictionary.

Dictionary[edit | edit source]

Chaos Wars/Dictionary

Items[edit | edit source]

Several items from the series also feature as useable, or equippable items, or referenced in the description.

  • Holy Book of Flesh - Alice's ultimate weapon.
  • Durandal - Karin's ultimate weapon.
  • Galahad (Sword) - "A holy sword only usable by Sir Galahad, the Arthurian Knight of the Holy Grail." (Also used by Nicolai)
  • Gold Angel - Anastasia's ultimate weapon.
  • Clay Idol - One of Joachim's many weapons.
  • Mermaid's Tear - "A deep blue gemstone. It has the power to neutralize poison."
  • 3rd Key - "A holy tool given by the Gods to a human hero in a holy war."
  • Rosary - "A necklace worn by a Featherian mummy secretly buried in the Zafural Ruins."
  • Annu’s Cross [sic] - "The only keepsake Uru’s mother, Anne, left."
  • Bell Bracelet - "A bracelet that can protect you from barrier. It has a yellow bell that represents broken silence."
  • Electorist [sic] - "A bracelet that radiates an immeasurable amount of electric poison waves. It makes a vampire feel high."
  • Face Guard - "Ominous looking protection designed in medieval Europe."
  • Gold Card - "The highest quality card send only to the best customers."
  • Leonardo Bare [sic] - "A stuffed animal that might keep death away. Made by a short lived stuffed animal maker."
  • Shell Bracelet - "A bracelet of "Isokurumagai" shells that has a detoxification effect."
  • Meteor Mask - "A mask believed to have fallen to earth with a prehistoric meteor."
  • Mind’s Eye - "A piece of cloth that can open the mind’s eye. There are illegible letters written on it."
  • Also while not just specific to Shadow Hearts, all 21 of the Tarot Cards Major Arcana feature as items.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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