Due to the crossover nature of the Chaos Wars, in order to familiarize players with the potentially unknown other characters, the game included an internal dictionary very briefly listing their bios and other information about the setting of the game they originated from.

For posterity, here are the Shadow Hearts specific entries. Please note, spelling and grammar mistakes are as quoted from the game.



RPG published by Aruze in 2001. It adapted an original success judgment system called the "Judgment Ring", and was set on the Eurasia continent one year before the start of the First World War.

A boy named Uru who has the power to fuse with evil things, meets a girl, Alice, who can sense the abnormal power.

Uru fights against the people who are trying to catch Alice because of her talent, but eventually he gets involved in fighting the fate of the world.


The 2nd in the series of RPGs published by Aruze in 2004. It was adapted from the original success judgment system called the "Judgment Ring".

A half year after the last story ended, Uru, who's in deep grief over the loss of Alice, is traveling with her uncle, Zepet. But when they stop at a small village called Domremy, they are attacked by the Paladin Nicole and the German Empire Army Karen and become involved a series of chaotic events.

World SettingEdit


The Necessary energy to increase the power of the monsters that the Harmonicsor (Uru, Kurando) has fused with. Monsters' skills and power are gained by defeating them.


The unique judgment system in Shadow Hearts.

It's applied to everything that happens in the Shadow Hearts world, not only battle scenes, but also in events and shopping, or even the lottery game.


A general term for any person who has the special talent of owning a monster called a misfortune god and becoming powerful by fusing with that monster.

The power is hereditary and extraordinarily rare.


A small town in northeastern France where the story for Shadow Hearts 2 begins.

The town is also Joan of Arc's birthplace and is sometimes called "The Maid of Orleans", after Joan of Arc's nickname.


A secret organization headed by the Russian mystic Rasputin of which Nicole was a member.

It practiced a biased elitism and plotted to overthrow the nation by agitating discontent against the House of Romanov.


The Jungle Ring Tower that's as high as the clouds.

After you have defeated the 99 Curry men, who've mastered both skills and curry, you'll meet the guardian of the tower, the ultimate champion, The Great Question!

This Man Festival is brought to you by Aruze.

Protagonist CharactersEdit



Urumunaf Volte Hyuga 25 years old. Half Russian, half Japanese.

He's a Harmonicsor who is accompanied by a monstrous creature and fuses with it to become more powerful.

He may look sarcastic, but people around him know him as a funny and mellow guy.



A mysterious super life form that's more powerful than other monsters, called the "misfortune god".

He received it from his father, Zinpachirou as a keepsake.


For The Child

Flying into the air and blowing away all the enemies with light gathered in both hands. It's all for that girl I love...



Alice Eliot.

A very devout Christian girl from Rouen, France.

Her father, who was a priest, was killed and she was then kidnapped, but saved by Uru. It was a fateful encounter.

She has a sixth sense that allows her to feel and hear what normal people can't, and evil people are after her for that power.


HB Of Flesh

A bible made from the skin of a saint who performed many miracles. Holy tools made with relics have strong powers and this bible has the spiritual power to avoid evil spirits.

"Holy Book Of Flesh"



A guardian spirit manifestation with a pyramid who clears any harm besetting the path of the righteous.

Only a saintly woman can have this protection.



Karen Koenig.

A Second Lieutenant in the German Imperial Army.

In the middle of World War I, on the way to gain control of the village Domremy, her unit was attacked by a mysterious monster and almost completely destroyed.



The sword of the Frank hero Roland.

It's said that the blade was forged by a fairy and it could cut a marble plate like paper.

It had been handed down through the royals for generations, and then it was given to a nobleman called "The Duke of Rose".



Karen's ultimate weapon that summons a phoenix from a magical circle and burns away the enemy.




He used to be a very famous puppeteer, but he retired after he lost his wife and daughter.

He decided to start another journey with his niece's x-boyfriend Uru when Uru visited him.



A marionette Gepetto manipulates.

He named the doll after his daughter, "Cornelia".



Major magic that seperates Cornelia into 3 bodies and calls a star down from the sky.



Joachim Valentine.

A vampire who's over 400 years old.

He's supposed to be a very dignified vampire, but the way he talks and the way he acts (he thinks he's a phantom who helps the poor) makes him look very...well, not very dignified at all.


Clay Idol

A kind of Clay Figure buried in kings' tombs in ancient Japan.

They were supposedly placed in the tombs to replace people who used to be buried alive to serve the dead king.


Artem Buster

The skill to run up to the ring corner post, dive into the air and give the enemy a flying head butt.

It's so beautiful-- it looks like an angel is flying down to you...



Inugami, Kurando.

A young swordsman from the respected Inugami family.

Uru's cousin and he's also a Harmonicsor. A very polite and quiet boy.



The accompanying monster handed down in the Inugami family for generations.



The angry goblin's roar rips apart the sky and cracks the ground!




The 4th Imperial princess of the Russian Emperor.

She works hard to find out the mystic Rasputin's plot in order to save her country.

She may have the look of an angel, but her personality can be a little tough.


Gold Angel

An Easter egg made with evil warding gold and magic stones.

The outside is decorated with gorgeous angels and the inside is full of machines made by Edgar, the best watch craftsman in Russia.

An Easter egg is a colored egg hidden to be found by children on Easter day.



Anastasia's deadly attack that summons the Orobas she took a picture of.



Roger Bacon.

A strange and mysterious creature of over 700 years old.

He's really a rare science-enchantment formed as a scientist who believes in love and peace.

His hobby is science research and collecting scientific gadgets.



The Russian Rotal Family's clock making artisan patronized by the government, who cared for Anastasia since she was a little girl.

Anastasia's Gold Angel is his masterpiece.

Antagonist CharactersEdit



Great Gama.

A legendary Indian wrestler who's respected as the founder of progessional wrestling.

Joachim adores him as his wrestling father.

He built an open ring in the center of town and works hard to advertise the wonders of pro wrestling everyday



Nicholas Conrad.

A paladin who went to the village of Domremy to perform an exorcism.

His true identity was one of the advance guards of the secret organization Sapientus Gladio led by Rasputin.

He suffers from an inferiority complex and hates Uru because he defeated Albert Simon.



A King of Devils who rules with unprecedented fear and the chaos caused by that fear.

Nicole is hiding his possession since he made a contract with the devil, but once released, the fiend would be out of control.

Human life is just a toy for his sick pleasures.


Bright Crest

A miracle act of God that purifies an enemy with the the holy power that's kept in a medal Nicole received from his late mother.

The power is lost since he made his contract with the devil.



Living fossils from 3 million years ago and humankinds most insipid enemy.

They can go anywhere we don't want them to.

Their deadly attack is to being with them hundreds of their allies and to fly toward human faces.


A huge cockroach universally hated.

Its body is soft because it sheds its skin, and it knows all too well that its own belly feels totally disgusting.

So, whenever it sees humans, it tries to rub its stomach on their faces.


Low-level members of the secret organization Sapientus Gladio.

Even low-level members are tained as master assassins, so do not underestimate them.

They are under stress everyday from hard work and having to take care of incompetent bosses.


The Iron Claw who was promoted from a lower level.

He was happy with the bigger paycheck and having more people under him, but one day he saw that his hair was thinning and realized how hard it is to be a middle manager.


An Indian fighter who has a plate of curry on his head.

But actually, it's really hashed beef. He's only posing as a Curry man, but his true intention is to supplant curry with hashed beef.


An Indian fighter who has a plate of curry on his head.

He may look dry when it comes down to business, but he's intensely passionate about curry.


An Indian fighter who has a plate of curry on his head.

The plate has a hot boiled egg as a topping to create a most luxurious effect.


A prince from the Curry Planet (not India) who has a plate of curry on the head.

His Curry's mild taste is popular with small children.


An Indian fighter who has a plate of curry on his head.

The Emperor of Curry has a juicy fired cutlet smothered with a rich, aromatic curry.

He may be cocky, but likes puns and he can be funny once in a while.


An Indian fighter who has a plate of curry on his head.

His meager curry contains no meat or veggies and he lives in hate of the Bourgeoisie.

His only luxury is having a few croutons on the top on his curry.


Uru's Mimic that the Egg of the World* made using a part of its own will.



The original manuscript for the opera written by Richard Wagner, Der Ring des Nibelungen.

A total of 10 acts.


A term for portraits.

The portraits are pictures of 7 muscular and handsome guys.

They were made as regular trading cards, but since so few were made, the people who own them will never let them go, so they can be considered as legendary rare cards.

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