Chicago is a swanky, high-rolling type of town. Al Capone runs this town, and his war with McManus becomes a thickening plot twist as the game progresses. Frank urges the party to come here to help gain information on the whereabouts of Gilbert from his 'source,' who is quickly revealed to be the fifth party member Mao. In this location Edna Capone is met, along with her lover and party member Ricardo.

There are several interesting things in Chicago. The first is the introduction of Masatoshi, who tells Johnny about the wonders of Snap Card trading. The person standing closest to the save point is Lottery Member #11, Mack, who offers the Pisces Stellar Chart as the red-prize reward. Here we also learn more about the Prohibition and how it is effecting the members of the community.

During the storyline, battles will take place in this location. These enemies are limited in appearance and cannot be found elsewhere in the game except in the Pit Fights.

Four DeucesEdit


Club owned and operated by Al Capone - managed by Mao, when the party meets her, due to Capone's incarceration in Alcatraz Prison. The party are also introduced to Ricardo, who performs regularly at the club.

Enemy EcountersEdit




Just Us Guys
Item Price Item Price
Sh3itemicon Thera Leaf 50 Sh3armouriconFemaleonly Cotton Blouse 600
Sh3itemicon Mana Leaf 150 Sh3armouricon Leather Cloak 840
Sh3itemicon Pure Leaf 230 Sh3armouricon Wool Coat 900
Sh3itemicon Soul Benediction 150 Sh3accessoriesicon Leather Cap 320
Sh3itemicon Phoenix Tail 90 Sh3accessoriesicon Studded Cap 600
Sh3itemicon Talisman of Luck 480 Sh3accessoriesicon Leather Belt 320
Sh3itemicon Tent 200 Sh3accessoriesicon Studded Belt 600
Johnnyknives Clip Point 580 Sh3accessoriesicon Shell Bracelet 2770
Johnnyknives Wish Knife 870 Sh3accessoriesicon Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Shaniaaxes Little Claw 620 Sh3accessoriesicon Bell Bracelet 3120
Shaniaaxes Crazy Horse 930 Sh3accessoriesicon Silver Bracelet 3180
Natanguns Peacemaker 640 Sh3accessoriesicon Pocket Watch 5200
Natanguns Schofield II 960 Sh3accessoriesicon Spikes 2910
Frankninjasword Tree Feller 680 Sh3accessoriesicon Coral Lariat 500
Frankninjasword Cactus Saber 1020 Sh3accessoriesicon Coral Pendant 5500
Sh3armouriconMaleonly Cotton Shirt 560


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