Chon Chon Camera
Shftnw mon 014
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 37
MP 28
Element Light Light
Height Sh3heighthighmid
Bright Rage


Location Alcatraz Prison


Calories +1
Cat Coins 1 Mackerel
EXP Gained 15
Cash 57
Souls Gained 1
Item Drops Mana Leaf (3%)

Pure Leaf (3%)

Snap Card Shftnw snaps 014

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Bestiary Entry Edit

Active at night, feeds on people's spiritual force. Attacks the weak, old, and sick. It might look dumb, but it can sever a man's head with the tiniest movement.


Etymology Edit


Depiction of a Chonchón (from A Book of Creatures blog)

Chon Chon is one of many alternative spellings of Chonchón - a vampire-like demon from South American Araucanian myth.

There are said to resemble oversized human heads, with bird-like features, but flying with their oversized ears, which flap like wings.

In some tales they are the heads of sorcerers detatching themselves from their bodies at night to feed upon blood, or spread malignance and mischief.

They could be conteracted by finding the headless body and either covering it in salt, or turning the body onto its stomach, where at daybreak, the Chonchón woukd be unable to reattach itself, and eventually wither and die.

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