Clawed Soldiers Camera
Shc monster 010
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 37
MP 8
Element Shearts2003 Fire
Weight Normal
Location Paris

HP Down

EXP Gained 5
Cash 40
Souls Gained 1
Item Drops Leather Cap

Enemy appearing in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Low-level member of the secret society. Despite being at the bottom, these soldiers are highly-trained in all forms of combat, both armed and unarmed.


Appearances outside Shadow HeartsEdit


Clawed Soldiers have also appeared in Chaos Wars, and are fought as one of the many cross-over enemies from the Shadow Hearts series.

Low-level members of the secret organization Sapientus Gladio. Even low-level members are tained as master assassins, so do not underestimate them. They are under stress everyday from hard work and having to take care of incompetent bosses.


PDVD 059


The Clawed Soldiers bear a resemblance to the Shocker Combatmen from the Kamen Rider series, particularly to the ones appearing in Kamen Rider The First.

A trademark of the Combatmen is their high-pitched "Yii!" war cry, a quirk that's imitated by the Clawed Soldiers.

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