Sh1armourmalelogo.png Coat of the Adept
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Shadow Hearts
"A short coat woven by Qiuhua."

The Coat of the Adept (仙人の羽織)) is an armor exclusive to Shadow Hearts, as a unique armour for Zhuzhen.

It is Zhuzhen's ultimate armor, and can be found by returning to Rouen with Zhuzhen in the active party, after the float has risen. Speak to Meiyuan in his room.

A short coat woven by Qiuhua, with the soul of a young girl. "Sniff, sniff...Oh, it smells like Shanghai." The wearer is filled with energy. Cuts Fire and Water damage in half.

+76 +84 +11% +15%

Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: 25200

Obtained: After the Neameto Float has risen, visit Wanderer Meiyuan in Rouen, with Zhuzhen in the active party.

Special Effect: Halves Fire and Water damage taken.

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