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Cornelia Cornelia
Game Shadow Hearts: CovenantChaos Wars
Kana コーネリア
Romaji Kōneria
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif N/A
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg N/A
Age N/A
Eye color Blue
Hair color Light Blonde
Home Paris/Domremy
Weapon(s) Cornelia, Strings
Special Arts Marrionette
Element Non-Elemental

Beloved puppet of Gepetto that accompanies him in battle. She is named for Gepetto's late daughter.

In the Dollhouse sidequest, the soul of Cornelia calls out to Gepetto from the puppet, implying that some part of her being resides in the soul to aid and protect her father.

Dresses Corneliadressicon.png[edit | edit source]

Found by giving Stud Cards to Pierre Magimel, the dresses make Gepetto's "Marionette" attacks more powerful by giving a small element bonus when a dress of the same elemental attack is worn, i.e: Fire Dancer will increase damage done by the Heat Cast spell.

Cornelia's Dresses
Name Description Pierre's Comments Image
Poor Saint Starting Dress. No innate properites. Non-Elemental. Sewn by Gepetto's late wife. Old and nearly threadbare, but still manages to bring out Cornelia's lovely features. Poorsaint.jpg
Little Mushroom Boosts Earth damage and defense. Teaches "Earth Cast". Trendy "earth tones"! Doesn't it just capture the spirit of the great outdoors? Don't worry, the bug on the cap is a stuffed toy. Littlemushroom.jpg
Sassy Sailor Boosts Water damage and defense. Teaches "Aqua Cast". Perfect colours for summer! The cuffs and neckerchief are a cute and "girly" touch. The waist can be cinched however you like. Sassysailor.jpg
Fire Dancer Boosts Fire damage and defense. Teaches "Heat Cast". Bold re-interpretation of the flamenco dress with an oriental flavour. Wear your passion on your sleeve! Firedancer.jpg
Windy Pixie Boosts Wind damage and defense. Teaches "Air Cast". A little pixie dress that's perfect for spring! The colours evoke the image of a young sapling. Think; "harmony" and "nature"! Windpixie.jpg
Angel of Light Boosts Light damage and defense. Teaches "Holy Cast". Shine on, angel of light! Purple evokes the colour of the starry sky, and yelloe the colour of the full moon. A decidedly modern colour arrangement! Angeloflight.jpg
Dark Beauty Boosts Dark damage and defense. Teaches "Dark Cast". The "goth" look that's so fashionable these days. Maybe you could call it the dark side of coming of age? The blue tones give it a classy feel. Darkbeauty.jpg
Black Queen Requires Purple Bondage. Boosts Dark and Air damage. Teaches "Passion". Non-Elemental. The masochist's dream. The lascivious purple highlights the cruel side of the female personality. Kneel before her, you swine! Blackqueen.jpg
Beastmaster Requires Raccoon Friend. Boosts Earth and Fire damage. Teaches "Ecstasy". Non-Elemental. Oddly enough, kind of sexy! A showcase for Cornelia's innocence and energy. Watch out or you'll get bitten! Beastmaster.jpg
Blue Virgin Acquire all previous dresses. After meeting Alice in the Graveyard, visit Pierre. Boosts Light and Water damage. Teaches "Advent". Non-Elemental. As a perfect feminine ideal, Cornelia doesn't have much interest in wearing copies of pre-existing designs. Bluevirgin.jpg
Beautiful Fool Director's Cut Only. Find the Mr. Meiyuan stud card and visit Pierre. A joke dress. No innate properites. Non-Elemental. Designers sometimes get rid of the functional, and go for something bold and impactful. Only those who are ready enough to take the risk, may be honoured to wear this dress.* Beautifulfool.jpg

Pierre's Design Gallery[edit | edit source]

Appearances outside Shadow Hearts[edit | edit source]

Cornelia has also appeared in Chaos Wars as one on the many cross-over characters from the Shadow Hearts series.

Her ultimate skill is "Ecstasy", the same as in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and again is used as the main weapon of Gepetto.

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