A Cotton Blouse (木綿のブラウス) is found in each Shadow Hearts game as the starting armor for the first female protagonist.

Sh1armourfemalelogo.png Cotton Blouse
Cotton blouse.jpg
Shadow Hearts
"A cute cotton blouse."

A plain white blouse, the image of female purity. Young ladies look quite sharp in them. Older women appear quite authoritative.

Base Stat Base Stat Base Stat Base Stat

Note: While the above stats reflect a female character's base DEF & EVADE, the Cotton Blouse does technically add a boost to DEF & EVADE, however, ingame it is impossible to not have an armour equipped, so these values go unseen.

They are; +9 P-DEF, +9 Sp-DEF, 4% P-EVADE, and 5% Sp-EVADE.

For clarity, as it's the lowest value armour in the game, this Wikia regards the Cotton Blouse as reflecting a female character's base stats.

Buy Price: 600*
Sell Price: 300

Obtained: Comes equipped to Alice.

Sh2armourlogo.png Cotton Blouse
Cotton blouse2.jpg
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
"A charmingly-decorated girl's blouse."

A charming blouse decorated with a stitched design over the heart. Maidens look even more beautiful, and matrons do not, at least, look any worse.

+9 +9

Buy Price: 600
Sell Price: 300

Equippable: Karin, Lucia, Anastasia

Sh3armouricon.png Cotton Blouse
Cotton blouse3.jpg
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
"A simple garment with a single flower pattern."

A cotton blouse, aimed at the female market and printed with a single flower over the heart. Promoting both cuteness and purity, a blouse that really appeals.

+10 +11

Buy Price: 600
Sell Price: 300

Equippable: Shania, Hilda, and Mao.

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