A Cotton Shirt (木綿のシャツ) is found in each game as the starting armor for the early male protagonists.

Sh1armourmalelogo.png Cotton Shirt
Cotton shirtSH.jpg
Shadow Hearts
"Cotton Shirt. Rugged but easy to move around in."

A manly cotton shirt. Easy to move around in but very rugged. Real adventurers look great in simple designs.

Base Stat Base Stat Base Stat Base Stat

Note: While the above stats reflect a male character's base DEF & EVADE, the Cotton Shirt does technically add a boost to DEF & EVADE, however, ingame it is impossible to not have an armour equipped, so these values go unseen.

They are; +9 P-DEF, +9 Sp-DEF, 5% P-EVADE, and 4% Sp-EVADE.

For clarity, as it's the lowest value armour in the game, this Wikia regards the Cotton Shirt as reflecting a male character's base stats.

Buy Price: 560*
Sell Price: 280

Obtained: Comes equipped to Yuri Hyuga and Zhuzhen

Sh2armourlogo.png Cotton Shirt
Cotton shirt.jpg
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
"A simple men's shirt made of cotton."

A strong, thick, comfortable shirt made of cotton. Its absorbant material is good in hot weather. The simple design requires a tasteful touch to make it elegant.

+9 +9

Buy Price: 560
Sell Price: 280

Equippable: Yuri, Gepetto, Joachim, Kurando.

Sh3armouricon.png Cotton Shirt
Cotton shirt3.jpg
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
"A simple plain shirt."

A cotton shirt, regular menswear. Tough yet easy to move in, and warm in winter and cool in summer. Its simple design that suits anyone makes it very popular.

+11 +10

Buy Price: 560
Sell Price: 280

Equippable: Johnny, Natan, Frank, and Ricardo.

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