System of magic used in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Magic is utilised by being equipped onto a character, though there is a limit as to how many crests (and how powerful) they can equip. There are seventy-two crests to be found in the game, each representing a demon from "The lesser Key of Solomon", as well as being alligned with a specific element.

They can be found lying in the ground, in chests, or gained from talking to NPCs or beating certain bosses.

List of Crests by location on the Key of Solomon[edit | edit source]

Palace of Transgressionlogo.png Palace of Transgression[edit | edit source]


Enchanting Sealogo.png Enchanting Sea[edit | edit source]


Forest of Passionlogo.png Forest of Passion[edit | edit source]


Foresakenhilllogo.png Forsaken Hill[edit | edit source]


Flamedesertlogo.png Flame Desert[edit | edit source]


Eternalboneyardlogo.png Eternal Boneyard[edit | edit source]


Wildernessofwarlogo.png Wilderness of War[edit | edit source]


Bastionofricheslogo.png Bastion of Riches[edit | edit source]


Springofwisdomlogo.png Spring of Wisdom[edit | edit source]


Magiccrestlogo.png Solomon Crest[edit | edit source]

שלמוה("Slmoh" - Solomon)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All of the crests are based after the 72 goetic demons of hell.
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