Cursed Puppet
Shadow Hearts
HP 1080
MP 600
Element Element dark Dark
P-ATK 130
P-DEF 36
Sp-ATK 65
Sp-DEF 0
AGL 32
LUC 32
Game of Death


Location Kowloon Fortress
Immunities Status Problems

Special Skills

EXP Gained 2000
Cash 6000
Soul Worth 3 Dark
Item Drops Seal Of Wisdom

Bestiary InfoEdit

Corpse under control of a warlock. Wugui's soul is gone, and only hate and vengeance remains. It knows no fear or pain.


Poor guy...Well, despite being a reanimated corpse, Wugui is Wugui. Same absorbing skills. Same "Game of Death". It might take a little longer than before, but keep clobbering and eventually, this poor soul will have his rest... Like Yamaraja War, the Cursed Puppet will use Nightmare so Heaven's Fiend will be mostly recommend to keep your HP high. Other than that keep nailing him with physical attacks and he will go down.

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