In the process of developing a video game, many ideas are discarded as unworkable for one reason or another. However, if the idea makes it far enough into the development process, aspects of it can still be found within the code of the released games, or it may show up in trailers or interviews with the developers.

The following list covers much of this removed content. It is not comprehensive, and focuses on the more interesting elements.


Patrick's Model

While never seen at all in-game, only FMVs, there exists two models of Patrick Heyworth - with only slight differences between the hair styles. His dessicated corpse does appear as an unique enemy, but it uses an entirely different model.

Koudelka's Missing Line

Due to an apparent mistake in level mixing, during the FMV where the party discover Roger Bacon's coffin, immediately after's Edward's line, Koudelka's lips can be seen mouthing a reply, and a faint whispering can be heard, barely audible above the soundtrack. The line appears to be either: "Seems outta place, a bit." or "Seems there's a pressure within it."

Due to the error, the line also isn't subtitled in the Japanese version, which uses the English dub. Non-English voiced dubs (German, French, Spanish, Italian et al.) correctly level the dialogue.

Targeting Reticule

In an early build of the game, the currently selected character is highlighted by a yellow circular grid. Another early screenshot shows an orange square. This is replaced by a simple broken square in the final version.

Patrick's Quarters

In an early promotional image, Patrick's lab can be seen in full, from a position that does not appear in the final game. The layout is also slightly somewhat changed.

Daniel's Cross

While present in the NTSC-JP and PAL versions of the game, Daniel's Cross - a club-type weapon, was removed from the NTSC-US version of the game, for reasons unknown.

Unused Icons

From the Koudelka Ultimate Book Reservation guide, there is a section showing images and descriptions of items, that are not used in the final game.

The first three are for documents which only appear as text.

Two of the items are completely unused in the final game; the Teddy Bear appears as a model - picking it up instead gives only the Old Letter. Curiously, an early screenshot shows it as an obtainable item, with a unique description than what appears in the game guide.

It was possibly removed to streamline getting the old letter.

Through dataming, the icon still exists within the US version, although it lacks any description tied to it.

The other is the Émigré Document, which is only mentioned, never-seen in the game.

Hidden away within the game data, there are also four other un-used key items.

One is an icon of the full version of the Nemeton Monastary map - in regular gameplay, after using the Stone Tablet in the archives, the map in the menu is simply expanded to include the new areas.

It may appear that, as with the Teddy Bear, it's removal as a separate item was to streamline the game.

The remaining items are three books (one of which appears to be a bible) lacking any name or description. Their purpose is unclear.

In addition, there are some menu mini-icons for the Roman Nuts, Antidote and High Listel that go unused, as well as icons for documents, and documents with multiple pages.

And a curious cross-shaped set of sprites, that vaguely resemble Koudelka's Pendant, and indicating a swinging animation.

Shadow Hearts

Early Screenshot Differences

In early screenshots, items use an inverted colour scheme for the hit and strike areas on the Judgement ring; red for the hit area, orange for the strike area.

In the final game, the hit area is blue, with the strike area being the standard red.

In addition, the character portraits for Alice and Margarete were radically changed for the final version.

Sword of the Berserker

While appearing in the NTSC-JP version of the game, Keith's sword, the Sword of the Berserker, is not available in the normal gameplay of the PAL and NTSC-US regions, and can only be accessed by cheats or hacking.

Despite this, the sword description is fully translated, and it functions normally when equipped.

In the Japanese version, it is only available for purchase from the Silent Peddler in London. In all other regions this has been replaced by the Silver Crescent Sword.

The reason for its removal, accidental or otherwise, is unclear.

Playable Kawashima

Playable Kawashima

First discovered in the HEX Files as Yoshiko Kawashima's name data appears with Colonel Hygua in the temporary playable character list, Kawashima was planned to be temporarily playable during the events of Shadow Hearts development, although this was changed as her relationship with Yuri was reconsidered.[1]

With this change happening at a fairly late stage in development, a mostly-complete playable version of her still exists within the game files. She has a complete set of animations for battle intros, attacking, taking damage, fainting, and a victory pose - excepting a proper looping animation for her victory pose, causing her model to glitch, although the game itself is unaffected.

There is also no associated inbattle sounds with her; she makes no noises when attacking, being hit, or using items.

She attacks with a gun, much like Margarete, but shooting with a one-hand grip, and has no special abilities. She has no menu icon, just a glitched mess, and also can't be viewed from the playable character viewer.


Hidden in the HEX files, there are two names for stores that go unused in the final game

  • Adult Toy Shop
  • Money Mad

Although there doesn't appear to be any items tied to them.

While not appearing to have any other obviously cut, dummied or hidden content, the game appears to have orignally been in development for the PS1, before being moved to the PS2 - several enemy models appear to be only slightly modified from Koudelka, sharing animations and skeletons.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Early Trailer

The early release trailer contains many differences from the final game:

Nicolai is deceptively portrayed as the main character, exploring late-game dungeons, and battling alongside the other main party members against later-game foes. His voice actor is also different, most likely being a placeholder.

Karin is shown exclusively wearing her officers uniform, and exploring locations as the party leader - which in the normal game is almost always Yuri. Her voice actor is also different.

The battle HUD appears differently - character/enemy names, HP, and MP, appear in a small box on the lower right side of the screen. Another change, is that the number indicating damage dealt physically slides to a total damage tally to the left of the screen, whereas in the final game, the number appears, and then vanishes immediately increasing the tally.

The character portrait for Janus used in the turn-order indicator, simply reads "BOSS"; Boss enemies gain a unique portrait in the final version.

Nicholai is shown fusing into Orexis. It also retains his portrait in the turn-order indicator, rather than Orexis' - as fusions also gain their own unique portrait.

Several FMVs are shown, that don't appear in the Covenant; mostly of Nicholai and Karin interacting.

Rasputin is shown walking towards the camera, Kato spins to glare at the camera as it flies past him (similar to one in Covenant, though in a different location). Karin looks towards the night sky and a shooting star, Amon sits in profile against the evening sky, and is later seen fading back into Yuri, who walks away.

Unused dialogue, voiced in English by placeholder actors, is also spoken throughout the trailer. The diction is clusmy and awkward, suggesting a very early draft in the translation stage.



That devil, using a church as its headquarters, in 1915; the scientific age.
Karen1face.gif The devil, in a church?
[Montage of cutscenes]
Nicolaiface.gif 1915: The Age of Turbulence.
Once more, admist the darkness of history, war has begun.
[Gameplay Montage]
Nicolaiface.gif Battlefield: Earth.
Europe, and then the Far East.
[Gameplay Montage]
Nicolaiface.gif The trump card in the devil's conquest...
Holy Mistletoe.
Its curse rots the heart,
And devours the soul.
[Unused cinematic of Karin talking to Nicolai.]
Nicolaiface.gif I need you. Please lend me your strength.
Karen1face.gif *Gasps* Me?
Nicolaiface.gif So I can get to that village once more.
[Fade Out]
Nicolaiface.gif The strongest demon opposing God.
To fight, is it our will, or merely our fate?
[Gameplay Montage]
Nicolaiface.gif Who is the real enemy?
[Visual of Amon appears.]
Nicolaiface.gif The man who would conquer the world...?
[Visual of Rasputin appears.]
Nicolaiface.gif The man who would save the future...?
[Visual of Kato appears.]
Nicolaiface.gif The time has come...
[Visual of Karin appears.]
Nicolaiface.gif For the destruction to begin...

Early Demo

In the early demo version, there are a few graphical differences from the final retail version of the game. Such as Yuri and Karin having subtly differfent character portraits.

And while the demo uses enviroments and enemies from the final release, the narrative is entirely created for the demo.

Debug Island

Main Article: Debug Island

Hidden away on the PAL versions of the game, it can be accessed by hacking, or through a cheat device. It grants access to modify party members, battle locations, and add items and valuables to inventory.

Lenny and Veronica

Relatedly, it's possible to hack Lenny Curtis and Veronica Vera into the party as playable characters, as they are in the Director's Cut version of the game. However, in non-Japanese versions, they do not have a complete set of sound files, and some of their skill names are incorrect or cut. Lenny is also incorrectly named "Rene".

Unused Items

Hacking to gain all items reveals several interesting removed objects. There exists a descriptionless key item, the Azure Orb, which goes unused during the main game, and has no description, but does have a picture.

It however, is used in Director's Cut, to gain passage way through the Sea of Woods area.

Another unused key item is Alice's Brooch (listed as "アリスのプローチ"), with a description of "Pending/undecided" (未定). Found in both the NTSC-US and PAL versions, its purpose, and how it would have been acquired is not known.

And yet another unused key item appears in the Director's Cut, the Smuggler's Soul (薐賊の魂) along with a description.

From it's location in the game data, it appears to be a scrapped part of the item trading sidequest.

Unnamed in the PAL version, there is an earring accessory, with artwork, that is equippable, but it doesn't change stats nor has any obvious effect in battle.

However, in the Director's Cut edition, it gains a name, Yamabushi Earrings (山伏の耳輸) a full description, and a note.

It appears that it would up the increase the amount of souls gained at the end of battle.

It appears as a normal equippable item in Shadow Hearts: From the New World, under the name "Ascetic's Earrings", where, like the description in Covenant's files, it increases souls gained by 20% at the end of battle.

There are also several other accessories labelled Unknown. They have no item descriptions, don't effect stats, and have placeholder images, with Japanese text. The text reading 怪しい小ビン (Strange Small Bottle) shares a Japanese name with an item present in the first Shadow Hearts, localised in English as Weird Bottle, suggesting it may have been considered as an potential accessory.

In the Director's Cut version, the names are identical to what appears in the item image, but they still lack images and descriptions.

Similarly unused, is an add-on effect for the Judgement Ring, with the sole description, "û". Like all other add-on effects, it has four different versions - related to chance of activating it. In battle, it lowers an enemy's agility by 30% (at the highest chance). Fittingly, the art is that of a snail-like creature.

In the Director's Cut it, again, goes unused, but is named as Agility Down (敏捷性減) and gains a description, which is indentical for all the levels, save the mention of its effectiveness.

"Embodies the laziness of the Giant Snail, which will only have moved mere centimeters before its death*"

The player also gets a consumable simply titled Unknown. It has no item description, and a placeholder image which identifies it as "コンボアイテム", ("Combo Item"). It is useable in battle - it only targets a single ally, has no strike points, and will fail instantly on use. It also causes a massive delay for the character, causing them to be unable to act for some time, unless they are part of a combo. It gives an in-battle description of, "(-01)".

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Early Trailer 1

An early release trailer featured numerous differences from the final version of the game, and appears to be from quite an early build.

The game lacks the "From the New World" tagline, and teases itself simply as "Shadow Hearts III".

Only Shania and Johnny are shown in battle and on the field, and they Yuri and Karin's battle icons are used for placeholders, which can be seen when Johnny and Shania take damage.

There are also numerous locations that don't appear in the final game:

  • Shania stands on a street corner infront of Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn exists in the final game, but only an underpass beneath the bridge can be visited.
  • Johnny runs through an area with fans and steam pistons. No counterpart exists in the final version.
  • Shania visits a loft apartment of what seems to be an artist.
  • An unknown blue temple, with walls studded with large blue gems. Shania later runs through a corridor with similar architecture, but brown.
  • The exterior of Chichen Itza is shown in normal daylight - normally it is lit in a pinkish dusk. The same is true of the brief battle segment shown of the Guiana Highlands.
  • Johnny runs through a bio-organic looking corridor, flanked with two face-like near a glowing green exit.
  • Shania also visits a beach area, which has several NPCs, a small hut, and apparently a battle map.
  • Alcatraz is seen, but appears to be an early build, appearing much more fanciful than the more realistic depiction in the final game.

In addition, concept art of a Byarki and two unknown monsters are shown. A green-blue insectoid creature, and something that heavily resembles Malice Killer - suggesting an early scrapped design.

Finally, the game logo is completely different from the final version, with a circular design, darker patches on its surface, with an S-shaped spike emnating from it - causing it to somewhat resemble the Malice Unbral.

Early Trailer 2

A later trailer shows a build that appears closer to release than the previous one.

One notable difference, is Shania is shown with both red eyes, and the sun crest visible (with the other Spirit contract marks) - the red eyes are not present in the final game, and acquiring Tirawa clears Shania's body of all her tattoos, with the sun crest going unseen unless fusing to Tirawa in battle.

Cheater's Token

Hacking all items will place a consumable into the inventory - it shares the same artwork as Fruity Fiber , and is simply titled Cheater's Token. However, it cannot be used in battle, and doesn't appear in the inbattle menu.

Black and White Undergarments

Usually a staple of the series, both are curiously absent from all copies of the game, and are only accessable through hacking. Though named correctly, they both given an item description of "Non", and have no toolbar description.

However, equipping them will provide a stat boost as in previous games.

Roger's House

Roger was originally going to own a visitable house, though this was cut at a very early stage in development.

Unused Enemies

Cut at an early stage in development, there were several designs for enemies that went unused - some of them unique, others planned retextures of existing enemies.

Shadow Hearts III (Unproduced)

In an interview with Geek Gamer website, series creators Matsuzo Machida and Miyako Kato revealed their plans for an unproduced entry.

Under the title Shadow Hearts III, it was to have been a prequel to the original Shadow Hearts, featuring Yuri's father, Jinpachiro Hyuga, and Kurando's father, the previously-unnamed, "Kiheita Inugami."


  1. @MachidaMatsuzo - Yoshiko Kawashima originally had the idea of wanting to be a play character that can be manipulated, but changed it into a way of drawing to reconsider the life involved with the main character.
  2. Taken from video by Dengarde on Youtube

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