Dalian is a small port town south of Fengtian and bordering against the Yellow Sea, and is the third town to be visited. This is also where Yuri and co. meet face to face with Lt. Colonel Kawashima, who poses as a smuggler to get closer to the group. Thanks to her, they are eventually able to get to Shanghai. Lottery Member No. 14 is inside the Sea Turtle Restaurant.

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Yuri, Alice and Margarete find themselves in the small port town of Dalian after the plane that Margarete found at the Airstrip crash-lands when the engine blows out. Luckily, none of them are hurt, but Alice and Yuri seem to be wondering why they're still traveling with this mad woman.

The village is small with the only accessible buildings being an inn to the left, and a restaurant to the right. Speaking to the people walking around, it becomes clear that they are being plagued by a terrible spirit who will curse anyone out past sundown.

Approaching the inn, the group is informed by a woman drying fish to not disturb Sea Mother, as she's the only person they can depend on. Entering the inn, they see a man named Yen Yen lying on one of the beds dying, with his brother next to him, and Sea Mother at the foot.

Unfortunately, Sea Mother is unable to appeal to the gods, and therefore unable to help Yen Yen, who dies quickly. As the boy's brother grieves, Sea Mother exits, though not before pausing to look at Alice. The inn-keeper, distraught by what has happened, asks for the party to leave.

Outside, it has grown dark, and as the three walk, they encounter Li Li. She is the spirit who wants nothing more than to have others feel the pain that she has felt. Hearing Alice's voice, she curses the poor girl to suffer until she dies in the morning, then disappears.

Sea Mother exits the restaurant after hearing the comotion, and urges that Alice is now in grave danger. Yuri and Margarete carry their fallen companion after the old woman, into the restaurant.

Here, Sea Mother informs them that she has summoned a Taoist exorcist more powerful than herself, and tells them the tragic story of Li Li, and why she is so vengeful and wicked. She is interupted with the announcement by Cowardly Chen that the exorcist has arrived, who turns out to be an old friend, Zhuzhen.

He deduces that the monsters have been flooding Dalian by way of a seal at the harbor, which they must destroy. They do so and are forced to fight the Yamaraja: Wind.

With him out of the way, Li Li's hold on the port town is lifted, and Alice is returned to good health.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Frog God -
Water Creeper -
Name Notes
Yamaraja: Wind -



Sea Turtle Restaurant
Item Price Item Price
Sh1acessorylogo Bandana 320 Sh1itemlogo Pure Leaf 230
Sh1acessorylogo Leather Cap 600 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Luck 480
Sh1acessorylogo Leather Belt 320 Sh1itemlogo Mermaid's Tear 70
Sh1acessorylogo Casual Belt 600 Sh1itemlogo Holy Mother Bust 75
Sh1acessorylogo Shell Bracelet 2770 Sh1itemlogo Angel's Feather 80
Sh1acessorylogo Bone Bracelet 2960 Sh1itemlogo Phoenix Tail 90
Sh1acessorylogo Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Arrowhead 100
Sh1acessorylogo Spikes 2810 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Dagger 200
Sh1acessorylogo Brigand Earrings 5000 Sh1itemlogo Silver Hourglass 100
Sh1acessorylogo Pirate Earrings 5000 Sh1itemlogo Gold Hourglass 200
Sh1itemlogo Thera Leaf 50 Sh1itemlogo Tent 480
Sh1itemlogo Mana Leaf 100

Underground Armory
Item Price
Yuriglovesh1 Knuckle Blade 1200
Alicebookslogo Tome of the Shooting Star 1420
Zhuzhenstaves Hexagonal Staff 1100
Margareteguns Type 94 Pistol 1300
Sh1armourmalelogo Leather Vest 1000
Sh1armourfemalelogo Leather Skirt 1200

Treasure ChestsEdit


  • Sh1itemlogo Seal of Aura - Upper-right corner of the armory.
  • Sh1itemlogo Tent - Upper-left corner of the room in the Inn.

NPC InteractionEdit

Lottery MembersEdit

No.14: Filthy SamoEdit

Ring: Normal

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