Debug Island

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A meta-location included in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that is not available during the normal gameplay and can be reached only by using a cheat device or by editing the game code.

Previously only thought to be accessable in the PAL release, via HEX editing it was later discovered to exist in all versions of the game. The area consists of a square floor floating in space and a save point.

By pressing the action button, the player can access an extensive menu system that allows for modifying game flags, warping to any location in the game, unlocking every item (including dummied out items), modifying party members data (their stats, names) etc. The menus are mostly in Japanese, and some options cause the game to crash if not used correctly.

Attempting to save the game while being in this location also crashes the game, however it's presence strongly suggests that it may be possible to force it as a current location by hacking the game save, which is further supported by the fact that Debug Island appears as a normal location both in the warp and World Map editing menu (it's not on the locations list though).

Curiously, the game allows the player to add Sea of Woods to the main locations list, however its name shows up as garbage data and any attempt to enter it (including warping inside) makes the game crash.

Several features from the Director's Cut are present in the standard versions, including fully playable versions of Veronica Vera and Lenny Curtis, encounters with all of the Director's Cut exclusive enemies, and unique equipment - although only the latter is fully translated.

The presence of this translated text seems to imply that, at one time, it was being considered to include the Director's Cut material as standard for the PAL (and possibly US) market.

This is not an unusual practice for PAL region games; having a much delayed release date to US and Japanese versions, allowing the developers to make modifications or additions that weren't in the original release - although on this occasion, this was not the case.

Another Debug Island was also found to exist in the sequel, Shadow Hearts: From the New World. However, attempting to access this particular Debug Island will crash the game, as it appears the map data no longer exists in any versions.

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