The Debug Menu is a menu in Shadow Hearts II that was created for debugging purposes, found on Debug Island. It is present in all versions of the game, however it is not accessable by normal means. 

While on Debug Island, pressing the Action button (PS2crossbutton in the US and PAL versions, PS2circlebutton in the Japanese versions) will load the main debug menu, which holds several options for debugging.

Certain button combinations will also load at least two other menus with their own functions. In all versions, the menus retain (most of) the Japanese text.

Below is a transliteration and explaination of functions.

Main MenuEdit

World Map Point SettingsEdit

This menu has two options:
Point Settings
This option lists all the world map points in the game. Selecting one will bring up a menu with four options: Hide, which removed the location from the world map, Show (Closed), which shows the location but makes it unselectabe, Show (Open), The normal option for selecting locations, and Show (New), which is used to play an opening animation for the location upon enetering the world map. After the animation is played, the game will automaticly set the location to Show (Open).
There are four locations of note on this menu. The first is the greyed out option, a warp point for the Graveyard. The option has a note stating that it's not availible, and selecting it does nothing. It should be noted that no actual warp point for the Graveyard exists in the game.
The second is a warp point for the Gallery of the Dead. Although fully functional, it is not used in the final game. Instead you go to the Gallery by navigating to a certain area in Petrograd and interacting with a door.
The third is a second warp point for Paris. However, while the main Paris warp point takes you to a sub-menu for Paris locations, this second one skips the sub menu and warps you straight to Gepetto's Apartment.It is used after completing the Ardennes Forest, and upon completing it's intended use, the game switches to the normal Paris warp.
The last location of note is for the Debug Island, used for debug perposes. However, while you can set the point to active, and it does exist, it is unusable. The World Map has a failsafe that locks the Debug Island warp point whenever the map is loaded.
Navigation Settings
This option determines whether or not you can return to Europe from the Paris map, between the Europe and Japan maps, back to Japan from the Yokohama Map, and back to Japan from the Capital map. 

Party SettingsEdit

This menu has several options relating to the player characters.
Party Leader
This option lets you set the character being controlled on the field. This can be set to any NPC in the game, however some have more fuctionality than others. The only characters that is completely flawless is Yuri, others may lock the game when performing certain actions. 
Although this menu has direct options to control normally uncontrolable characters, such as Hien, Raiden, Veronica Vera, Lenny Curtis, Alice Elliot, and others, the final option will ask for a numeric input. Depending on the number, the controled character will become an NPC.
Party Set
This option allows you to add or remove player characters from teams A, B, C, D, and E. 
Active Set
While the above option places the character in the party, the character it places is on standby. This option takes the selected character and makes them an active battle participant, provided that they are currently in the party and there are less then four participants already set. The two options determine whether the character can be removed via the party editor or not.
Character Levels
This menu alows you to set each characters level. If you have not advanced the story to a point where a character joins the party,, it will be set to (00). However, you cannot manually set it to (00) yourself. Also, Ouka, Hien, and Raiden cannot be edited, dispite their presence in this menu.
Active Team
This allows you to set what team is currently active, A, B, C, D, or E. Strangely, there is a Team F programmed into the game, however it cannot be edited through in-game means, even through the debug menu. Setting the active team to A, B, or C, will allow you to switch between all three at will in the party select menu, provided it it available.
Team Name
Allows you to set the name for the teams. Unlike doing this through the part select menu, this option uses Rogers naming screen.
Character Name
Allows you to rename the player characters. (Only affects battle and manus). Again, this uses Rogers naming screen. In the English versions of the game, This is the only way to set Lenny Curtis and Kurando Inugami to their correct names, as their default names are Rene and Young Swordsman. (Kurando's gets corrected as the story progresses, however this is the only means of doing it before then.)

Item SettingsEdit

This menu has several options pertaining to the items, key items, weapons, armour, magic crests, and current cash and soul values.
Allows you to set the current amount of Cash available for the player to spend via a numeric input. The maximum value caps at 99999999.
Brings up a sub-menu with multiple options subcategorizing the various equipment and consumable options the player has access to. The player may also set the amount of each item, from 0-99.
  • First option - Items - is consumable items (Thera Leaves, Soul Benediction, Seals, etc) used in battle.
  • Second option - Weapons - lists all the character weapons. Includes all the weapons of the temporary characters, and Director's Cut weapons.
  • Third option - Armour - lists all the character armour. Includes all armours of the temporary characters, and Director's Cut armours.
  • Forth option - Accessories - lists all equippable accessories. Also includes a dozen "Unknown" placeholders, and a fully functioning unused accessory.
  • Fifth option - Magic Crests - lists all magic crests currently in possession. Despite being able to set the amount of a single crest, characters are not able to equip multiples of the same crest.
  • Sixth option - Ring Items - lists all Ring Items. Also includes the unused Agility Down item. As with Magic crests, despite being able to set the amount, characters are not able to equip multiples of the same ring item.
  • Seventh option - Dresses - lists all of Cornelia's dresses. In the non-Director's Cut editions, a second Poor Saint is listed as a placeholder for the Beautiful Fool Director's Cut dress, but will not allow the player to equip it.
  • Eighth option - Oils - lists the Aroma Oils in Lucia's possession.
  • Ninth option - Tarot Cards - lists the Tarot Cards in Lucia's possession.
  • Tenth option - Key Items - lists the Key items in the party's possession.
Measure (?)
Pedometer count (However the numder seems inconsistant with the actual count)
Soul Energy
Allows you to set the current amount of Soul Energy available for the player to spend via a numeric input. The maximum value caps at 99999999.


Brings up the direct warp points for all the areas in the game. Selecting any of the will warp the player directly to that area - although attempting to load some Disc 2 areas from Disc 1 will softlock, and warping to the Idar Flamme will always start with the a cutscene.


This menu has several options relating to currently active event flags, which can be enabled or disabled.


This particularly large sub-menu has several varied options relating to numerous different functions, mostly inbattle effects.
Motion Speed
Speeds-up/slows down the party lead's current walking speed, and causing their resting animation to cycle quicker or slower. It only works in areas without random encounters, and at top speed is borderline uncontrollable.
All Heal
Heals entire party to max HP and MP.
Separate by Character!
Sub-menu that enables character-specific flags to be enabled or disabled - i.e the current level of Karin's sword arts, or if Anastasia has taken a picture of an enemy to show their stats. The function is the same across all of them; enter the ID code , then 1 or -1 to add/remove the flag respectively.
  • First option - Yuri: Fusion - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling Yuri's fusions.
  • Second option - Blanca: Wolf Bouts - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling if Blanca has earnt a stamp in a Wolf Bout. Directly effects the amount of wolves in his Soul Comet move.
  • Third option - Gepetto: Magic Casts - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling what Magic Cast Gepetto has access to.
  • Fourth option - Gepetto: Dresses - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling what dresses Gepetto can equip on Cornelia in his submenu.
  • Fifth option - Joachim: Muscle Arts - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling what Muscle Arts Joachim has access to.
  • Sixth option - Anastasia: Summons - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling what summons Anastasia has access to.
  • Seventh option - Anastasia: Enemy Snapshots - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling enemy data that Anastasia has snapped.
  • Eighth - Karin: Sword Arts - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling Karin's Sword Arts, and their current level.
  • Ninth option - Kurando: Demon Morph - flags and IDs for enabling/disabling Kurando's Demon Morphs.
Change Joachythms
Determines Joachim's current form of Normal, Invisible, Golden Bat, and Grand Papillon/Great Question. Grand Papillon or Great Question is determined by the which battle model is currently active.
There is also an option to lock Joachim in the currently selected form and not be affected by his Joachythms.
Become Strong
Makes everyone become level 99.
Various Wants
Unclear effect.
Main article: Debug Menu/Area List
Allows manual warping to any map. Although it requires the correct input of ID letters and numbers.
Refills HP, MP and SP to max.
Battle Model Change
Despite the name, this determines only the current battle models of Karin in either her military uniform or "normal dress", and Joachim's "Grand Papillon" or "Great Question" model.
Menu Settings
Determines the currently available menu options. There are some presets for specific game points where some options are unavailable, as well as a custom option for adding/removing menu funtions, and what page they appear on.
  • Measure Set - After selecting a preset, this option must be selected to activate the change.
  • Individual Menu Control
This option opens up a further sub-menu, which subcategorizes the various menu functions and allows them to be enabled, greyed out, unlocked as though it was the first time, or simply not present. The sub-pages are;
  • First Page - Enable/disable: Items, Crest Magic, Crest Change, Equipment, Ring Custom, Personal, Party Members, Graveyard, and Data functions.
  • Second Page - Enable/disable: Solomon's Key, Combo Setup, Combo Magic, Help, Score, Library, Inventory, and Options functions.
  • Personal - Enable/disable Character personal submenu options i.e Change Fusions, Change Dresses, Muscle Arts, etc.
  • Crest Magic - Enable/disable magic and crest magic-related submenu options.
  • Soul Energy - Enable/disable the function of the Soul Energy meter.
While the preset menu options are;
  • Opening - Used during Karin and Nicholai's first trek through Apoina Tower and Domremy.
  • Ardennes Forest - Used during the first trip through the Ardennes Forest.
  • Anastasia (Solo) - Used by Anastasia her introduction in the Winter Palace.
  • Anastasia (Back) - Used when regaining control of Anastasia.
  • Later Opening - Used when regaining control of the main party - standard fully unlocked menu.
  • Blanca (Solo) - Used by Blanca after the main party has been captured on St. Marguerite Island.
  • Blanca (Back) - Used when regaining control of Blanca.
  • Mutant Apes - Used by Ouka in the Hojo Research Lab.
  • Mutant Apes (Full Menu) - Used by the Mutant Apes when playable in sections after the research lab.
Strongest (Temporary)
Unclear effect. The name seems to imply a temporary boost to something, maybe party stats?
Soul Energy
Enables/disables accumulation of Soul Energy after battle.
Other Side
Determines the Game Over screen, and the return to title option if saved data is not loaded. Each Game Over screen is unique to the area where the player died, and can be set to appear via numeric input.
Character Mode Set
Seems to determine whether [[|Great Gama|Gama]] is fought in his "normal" mode, or as the Great Question. The same option also appears for Joachim.
Special Info Set
Determines videos and cutscenes unlocked in the title screen's Theatre Mode. A numeric code can be input to view them.


Determines videos and cutscenes unlocked in the title screen's Theatre Mode. A numeric code can be input to view them.

Warp 2Edit

Brings up the direct warp points for some of the temporary areas, and special dungeons with options to set dungeon event flags.


Allows the player to engage in battle, with either preset encounters, or (limited) customisable enemy groupings via numerica input.
Boss Battle
Main article: Debug Menu/Boss Battle List
The cyan "Boss Battle" is all what can be considered "mandatory" fights in the game - i.e tutorials, unescapable ambushes (cutscene ambushes, etc), and bosses (main and sidequest).
Event Battle
The yellow "Event Battle" allows full customisation of the fights - what enemies appear, battleground, BGM, and enemy sets (the DX exculsive monsters can be found this way as well).
Pit Fight
The magenta "Event Battle" is exclusively Pit Fight options (although it is possible for these to occur in the Event Battle option with the right combination of IDs)

Bug FixesEdit

Two selectable bug fixes to fix apparent problem with an event loading, and something with Astaroth.
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