DUsing the "Fly" menu on Debug Island asks you for five different inputs. These inputs, when valid, will teleport you to various areas within the game. The below is a list of valid areas. (Note: This is an in progress list)

Manmariana Island
Input Area Note
AD_00_U Entrance
AD_00_DB Mamariana Debug Room
AD_01_U Second Round Room in Right Hall
AD_02_U Middle path, to Constalation room
Input Area Note
ED_00_U Final Boss Only accessable on Disc 2 due to missing a cutscene on Disc 1.
Debug Room
Input Area Note
DB_00_U Debug Island
NTSC/U-C and PAL versions reference a DB_01_U, likely used for localization. However, it was removed from all versions.
Foreigners Cemetery
Input Area Note
GB_00_U Cemetery (Normal)
GB_01_U Cemetery (To Otherworld)
Input Area Note
GY_00_D Graveyard Entrance
GY_01_U Heaven's Comandments
GY_02_U Hell's Comandments
GY_03_U Pathway to Amon/Alice
GY_04_U Door of Desires 1
GY_05_U Door of Desires 2
GY_06_U Door of Desires 3
GY_07_U Train within Yuri's Soul Normally unexplorable but cutscene does not play during "Fly!"

Unused in Directors Cut, as the scene is pre-rendered

GY_08_U Fire Pedestal
GY_09_U Light Pedestal
GY_10_U Wind Pedestal
GY_11_U Water Pedestal
GY_12_U Dark Pedestal
GY_13_U Earth Pedestal
Nahash Temple
Input Area Notes
KS_00_DB Nahash Temple Debug Room Can teleport, set flags, and view scenes from here
KS_00_U Entrance
KS_01_U Second Floor
KS_02_U Hallways of the Second Floor
KS_03_U Third Floor
KS_10_U Boss Room Unexplorable. Will always either enter the boss battle or view the ending scene upon entering, and teleport you to St. Margarite.
Only available in the Directors Cut version of the Game. References to these areas exist in the NTSC/U-C and PAL versions, but were removed before release. No references exist in original NTSC/J version
Input Area Notes
OP_00_U N/A Plays the opening scenes
Dog Shrine
Input Area Notes
SE_00_DB Debug Room for Dog Shrine
SE_00_U White Room
SE_01_U North/South Exits
SE_01_4 North/South Exits With Pedestal (To Blue Room)
SE_01_9 North/South Exits With Pedestal (to Entrance)
SE_02_U East/South Exits
SE_03_U East/West Exits
SE_04_U North/East Exits
SE_04_2 North/East Exits With Pedestal (To Red Room)
SE_05_U North/South/East/West Exits
SE_06_U East/South/West Exits When spawning in via "Fly!", it places you where the north entrance should me. As a result, you cannot move.
SE_07_U North/South/West Exits
SE_08_U North/East/South Exits
SE_09_U Black Room Boss Area
SE_10_U North/West Exits
SE_10_4 North/West Exits With Pedestal (To White Room, four spaces)
SE_11_U South/West Exits
SE_11_1 South/West Exits With Pedestal (To White Room, one space)
SE_13_U Blue Room
SE_14_U Red Room
SE_15_U Entrance
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