Earth Sage Dehuai Earth Sage Dehuai
Earth Sage Dehuai
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana 徳壊*
Romaji Tokukai*
Age 78
Eye color Grey
Hair color Grey
Home Kuihai Tower
Element Fire Element fire.gif

Dehuai is an antagonist from Shadow Hearts.

Although he is the first major antagonist the heroes encounter during their trek through Asia, Dehuai makes few personal appearances.

Instead, the old sorcerer mostly acts indirectly within the story, sending demons or minions to attack the heroes.

While he is later completely eclipsed, Dehuai may be just as villainous (if not more so) than Cardinal Albert Simon, highlighted by his role in the deaths of Yuri’s parents.

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

An adept who lives in Kuihai Tower and protects Shanghai from external attacks. He plans on ruling and turning Shanghai into a city of demons.

Bio[edit | edit source]

While very little is known about Dehuai, the mystic was once a pupil of Master Xifa alongside with his eternal rival, Zhuzhen. Dehuai was deemed superior in the practice of magic but he possessed a black heart. Fifteen years before the events in Shadow Hearts, Dehuai attempted to summon a god using the ceremony called the Demon Gate’s Invocation so he could annihilate the Japanese within Shanghai. Dehuai was a radical nationalist who possessed grave disdain for the foreign devils in his country.

During this time, the Japanese Empire had invaded the Asian mainland to expand the empire. While Dehuai’s goals were honorable on the surface, he truly wished to gain Shanghai for his own selfish ends, so he might rule all of Asia instead.

However, his plans were foiled by a soldier by the name of Ben Hyuga, Yuri’s father. After a long and brutal battle, Dehuai barely escaped with his life while Ben sacrificed himself to stop the ceremony. He lost both an arm and a leg, and the battle also left Dehuai with a grotesque scar upon his face, and he may have lost an eye as well.

Boss Fights[edit | edit source]

Dehuai is responsible for many of the boss fights in Asia, usually by causing the bodies of the deceased to be possessed with malice - as in the case of Li Li (Boss) and Wugui. He is also responsible for summoning Yamarajas at various points throughout the Asia portion of the game. Below is a list of battle appearances by Dehuai himself:

"Tiny"[edit | edit source]

While the group is exploring the sewers to escape Fengtian, Alice finds the puppy from earlier at the station, whom she nicknames Tiny. She insists that they take it to the exit with them. Not long after they make their way out and onto the airstrip, it becomes apparent that Tiny isn't quite what he seems - he is but a disguise by Dehuai to keep an eye on them. After Yuri and Margarete insult him, he loses his temper and transforms the puppy into the Beast Dog (see article for strategy details).

Dehuai[edit | edit source]

See main article: Dehuai (boss)

Like Zhuzhen, his element is fire. Water attacks and Yuri's Man Dragon fusion are recommended. Sadly Zhuzhen's abilities are not much use as they both share the fire element, and Dehuai has a high tolerence for special attacks - so keep Zhuzhen healing. Margarete should work on physical attacks. Beware of his Magnork spell, as it attacks all characters with massive damage. His Small Ring ability will also be annoying.

Yamaraja: Calamity[edit | edit source]

See main article: Yamaraja: Calamity

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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