...Just one misstep… and you could wind up blowing the entire world into oblivion!
~ Zhuzhen

The Demon's Gate Invocation is a magical ceremony that was designed to invoke and summon an Earth Spirit and/or other supernatural entities to cause devestation and potentially destroy the world. It, along with the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation are part of "The Valorization Rites".

A ritual was attempted by the Earth Sage, Dehuai, and thwarted by Ben Hyuga and Li Zhuzhen fifteen years before the start of the first game.

Desperate to protect Shanghai from the Japanese, Dehuai planned to summon a god to annihilate them and neturalize any future threats. Dehuai mentioned that powerful earth spirits are summoned by the Demon's Gate Invocation when he was telling Yuri and company his real plans

The ritual required the four guardian gods of the compass (the Black Tortoise, the Red Phoenix, the Blue Dragon, and the White Tiger) to be blocked off and prevent their interference. Other components of the ritual included the drawing of the magical "Divine Septagram", and a catalyst to draw and focus energy from.

He would have accomplished his goal, if not for the efforts of Ben Hyuga and Zhuzhen. Having lost most of the left side of his body in his battle, he fled, though not before successfully managing to summon the unknown god.

However, before it could do too much damage, Ben attempted to fuse with the beast. Unfortunately, Zhuzhen was forced to kill his comrade after Ben could not fully contain the beast.

Though the summoned beast had been contained, and the ritual stopped, the aftermath from the attempt caused widespread devestation caused by catastrophic earthquakes and other disasters, killing countless people.

This ritual was the one that Zhuzhen thought Dehuai was attempting again during the events of Shadow Hearts, only to find out that Dehuai was actually using a similar ritual; the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation, and with it, the power to call forth the Seraphic Radiance.

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