With the release of the Director's Cut, there came several new scenes lacking an English translation. The purpose of this page, therefore, is an attempt to document and translate this new content.

Beautiful Fool/ Mr. Meiyuan Stud CardEdit

The follow dialogue was officially translated during Shadow Hearts: Covenant's initial localisation, but can only be accessed through hacking the Mr. Meiyuan Stud Card into the inventory.

Despite this, even through hacking, the Beautiful Fool dress is available only in the Japanese or DX version.

This scene takes place if the detects a Japanese save-file from the first Shadow Hearts on the memory card.

Geradface Ah, Yuri!
Yuri2face What's up?
Geradface Can you help out? Pierre's so down, he's not doing any work.
Yuri2face What's the problem?
Pierreface Well, you know. I've been thinking a lot about life lately. And just whether I can keep going on like this...
Yuri2face You're trying to find yourself? That's something you should have figured out twenty years ago.
Pierreface It's this book I read recently. It really got to me. I've just been seeing things so superficially. Never really finding the true essense of things...All the dresses I make...They've got no substance. There's nothing to them! Oh, it's no use! I'll never be a top designer at this rate...
Yuri2face That's a shame. Just when I brought you a Stud Card too.
Pierreface Exclaim Oh, yes! I'm sure I can smell it! Now which card is it? It's got a very macho scent...! Nooooo! It can't be! Is it...?! Just smell all those pheromones! Could it be...? It'd be too good to be true!
Yuri2face Huh? This? Jeez, keep your shirt on!
Pierreface It is, isn't it?! I knew it! The most sought-after of all Stud Cards. The best of the best! The rarest of cards! Only one was ever printed! Meiyuan! Y-you're going to le me have it, right?
Yuri2face Well...I dunno. I mean, you're not making dresses anymore, right?
Pierreface I will, I will! Don't worry about that! The best I've ever made! Oh, just looking at it makes my eyes water!
Yuri2face Really? This?
Pierreface Oh, yes! Really! No question! You won't regret this, I promise! C-can I have it?!
Yuri2face What's so great about it?
Pierreface Pleeeease! Just let me hold it!
Yuri2face Okay, okay! Here, have it!
Pierreface Yeeeeeeeess! Wahoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ah! Meeeiyuaaan! I'll start designing a new dress right away! Like this...a bit here...a bit there...There! All done!
Yuri2face Let me see, let me see!
Pierreface Ta-da!
[You got Beautiful Fool]*
Yuri2face Huh? There's no dress there...
Pierreface Ah, this dress is invisible to fools, you see!
Yuri2face What?!
Pierreface can see it...right, Yuri? It's a beautiful garment, isn't it?
Yuri2face ...Huh?! Ha ha ha! Yes. Of course! Of course I can see it! There it is! All those frills on the sleeves. It's very pretty!
Pierreface There aren't any frills. It's a tube top.
Yuri2face Um...
Pierreface Okay, take care of it, now! It's my best dress! But don't use your eyes to look at it. Use your heart! See ya!
Yuri2face Silence .........

After the scene, Gerard has one more piece of dialogue he will use upon speaking to him. Leaving the area and coming back will remove this line and replace it with his usual dialogue.

Geradface The book that made such a big impression on him was "The Emperor's New Clothes." You must be furious, huh?

Nahash TempleEdit

Translation by Apraxas, for Dengarde.

This section occurs after completing the Neam Ruins, and selecting to go to St Marguerite Island for the first time.

Arriving at Nahash TempleEdit

"A few hours before Yuri returns to Cannes."

"The sunken ruins in the Southern Mediterranean Sea;"
"Nahash Temple"

Nicolaiface Alright, we're here. This is the place the master spoke of.
Lennyface Yeah! Let's get this show on the road!
Veronicaface Oh, put a sock in it! I've been walking all morning! I'm exhausted!
Lennyface You can't tell me to putta sock in it! We keep losing my boys to this place!
Veronicaface Yes, but if you charge in like a bull, as usual, you'll just end up lost, and won't be able to find the way outside for the rest of your life. Typical meathead.
Lennyface Exclaim What was that?! Why you-!
Nicolaiface That's enough! We need to finish our investigation here, before they bring us the Émigré Manuscript! We have no time for your petty quarrels!
Lennyface Pft! Yeah, yeah!

After Defeating the First Random EncounterEdit

Veronicaface seems some vulgar roaches have been skittering about, since we last came here.
Lennyface Did my boys get their butts whooped by these punks?
Nicolaiface I doubt it. It's difficult to imagine they fell to a group of that caliber. More likely, there's a powerful demon among their ranks.

Trying to LeaveEdit

Lennyface Hey, hey! You trying to leave before the mission's over!?

Seeing the Gate SwitchesEdit

Lennyface Question Hey, what's this switch?
Nicolaiface You see that door there? It's a switch to open it. It seems that if you don't operate two switches on the same floor, the door won't open.
Lennyface Damn, pain-in-the-butt switches...C'mon then, let's find this other switch.

Seeing the Puzzle GateEdit

Lennyface Question Hm? This gate ain't opening?
Nicolaiface Ah, I forgot to mention. The gates in this place are rigged to be opened by two switches. We can find those on the same floor.
Lennyface These things're a pain in the ass...But if that's what it takes, then let's pull those switches and get back here, pronto.

Interacting with a closed Fence GateEdit

Lennyface Question Hey! Why ain't it opening?
Nicolaiface The gate only opens one way. You see that arrow on the floor? These gate will only open on the side with the arrow, following its direction.

Interacting with the Fence-gatesEdit

Lennyface Whoa, awesome. An automatic door!?
Nicolaiface Truly this is something to be grateful about...
[Lenny walks through the gate, which slams shut behind him]
Lennyface Exclaim Wha-!? H-hey! Did I just get locked in!?
Veronicaface Oh, stop your snivelling! This fence is one-way only. Look, there's an arrow written down there, right? It means that if you aren't coming from the side of the arrow, you won't be able to open it.
Lennyface W-what?! Who came up with this stuff...Don't screw with me! Geez!

Clawed Soldier MedicEdit

[Nicolai interacts with a lone Clawed Soldier]
Talkblank You hurt? Tired? In your hour of need, leave it to me, the Clawed Healer!
[HP and MP fully restored!]
Talkblank I'll stand watch here. If something happens, please call me any time!

Start of the Next FloorEdit

Lennyface Ya know, I still can't believe there's a temple like this on the bottom of the ocean.
Veronicaface Aah, that reminds me, is this the first time you've come here?
Nicolaiface A long time ago, those who worshipped false creeds, built temples in unseen places to escape persecution. These ruins are most likely the remains of one such temple.
Lennyface Huh...but, if it's under the sea and all, why's there still air... and how come the water don't get in, huh?
Nicolaiface There's probably a certain power at work here. The fact our master had sent us to investigate this place is tied to that.
Veronicaface Oh? But, if I'm not mistaken, weren't you the one who advised the master to check this place?
Nicolaiface To my shame. We're in turmoil to this very day, because of the lack of results.
Veronicaface Hmmm...

Opening the Final DoorEdit

Nicolaiface These stairs?
Veronicaface But the last time we were here, there didn't seem to be any more floors below...
Nicolaiface Excellent, this might be it.

Encountering the BossEdit

Lennyface Exclaim
[Lenny sees the bodies of his fallen Clawed Soldiers]
Lennyface This...Hey, punk, you the one who did this!?
Nicolaiface There's no doubt about it. It seems it isn't interested in letting us go back in one piece either.
Veronicaface Bring it on! I have plenty of punishment for naughty boys!

Boss AftermathEdit

Lennyface Damn, never expected a monster like that to be here!
Veronicaface So, what do you plan to do, Nicolai?
Nicolaiface As soon as we obtain the manuscript, we'll report to the master. In the meantime, I propose we cease investigating this place.
Lennyface Damn staight! Like I'd let you send any more of my boys to die at the bottom of the ocean!
Veronicaface The master won't be pleased...we better get prepared for that, huh?
[Lenny and Veronica walk off]
Nicolaiface The master's displeasure, hm? It might become hard to keep things moving, but we have no other choice.
[Nicolai walks to the altar]
Nicolaiface By putting on this ring, a pact shall be made. Then I'll be able to surpass him...

Lucia and VeronicaEdit

Translation from (now defunct) Video from Dengarde.

This scene occurs immediately after Yuri and Karin complete the Mirror Palace dungeon, and gain Amon.

Luciaface Huh? That perfume...*
Gepettoface Hmm? What's the matter, Lucia?*
Luciaface Huh? Oh, nothing...ah, if you'll excuse, I kinda need to use the little girls room!*
[Lucia kneels down to Blanca]
Luciaface (You stay here, okay boy?)*
Blancaface ......
[Lucia walks outside]
Luciaface You!*
Veronicaface Hehehe... Just as I expected, your nose lead you right to me.*
Luciaface Are you calling me a dog?! You've got some nerve! Yuri and Karin are getting the power to defeat Rasputin. I won't let you interfere!*
Veronicaface Oh? And are you going to stop me?*
Luciaface I'm more than enough to stop you!*
Veronicaface Relax...I didn't come all this way to fight you. Look, I don't have much time here, so I'll get to the point. Lucia, how would you like to come work with me?*
Luciaface W-what?! Are you asking me to betray my friends?*
Veronicaface Well, if you put it that way, yes, I suppose. Lord Rasputin is interested in your astrological powers..."Astrologist to the Overlord"...has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?*
Luciaface "Astrologist to the Overlord", eh? Heh...hehehe...heh heh...Er, uh, no! No way! Nothing will make me betray my friends!*
Veronicaface Lucia...then the next time we'll be to the death. Do you really think you have it in you to kill me?*
Luciaface I...Carla told me to take care of you, I'll do everything in my power to stop you!*
Veronicaface I see...I didn't want it to be this way...but next time we meet, I can't let you live. Goodbye...Lucia.*
[Veronica walks away]
Luciaface Veronica...Oh, Carla...*

Anastasia's FortuneEdit

Translation from (now defunct) Video from Dengarde.

This scene occurs when the party have regained access to the Europe map, return to Florence, and have Kurando in the party.

Anastasiaface Hey, Lucia, can I ask you a favour?
Luciaface Hm? What is it, Anastasia?
Anastasiaface You're a fortune teller, right? Can you tell me my fortune?
Luciaface Well, maybe...what would you like to know about? You love life?
Anastasiaface D-don't say it out loud! This is embarrasing enough already!
Luciaface Tee-hee! Umm, well...Carla will yell at me if she finds out I've given a free telling, but...Well, now you've got me curious. Sure! I'll do your fortune!
Anastasiaface Really?! Oh, thanks, Lucia! Hurry, get on with it! I wanna know!
Luciaface Okay, let's start! Your loved one...your loved one is one of...your loved one is one of the five male members of our group!
[The male party members stand nearby]
Anastasiaface Oh yes! (Kurando, you're almost mine!)
Luciaface He...he definitely has a human form...
Anastasiaface Okay, so that rules out Blanca. But what about Joachim? He's a bat, so is he out?
Luciaface Joachim!
Anastasiaface I thought so- w-wait, what?! Safe?!
Luciaface This person...he still has his youth...
Anastasiaface Well that rules out the old man! I guess Yuri's still in...but what about Joachim? He's hundreds of years old!
Luciaface Joachim!!
Anastasiaface What!? Are you kidding me!? Why isn't Joachim ruled out!?, it can't be!
Luciaface Your love...he is great in fights...speaks many languages...and can transform his body...
Anastasiaface B-but all three can...this is some kind of sick joke! You're getting a kick from this, right? Right?!
Luciaface I'm...I'm getting a name! It's-
Anastasiaface Huh? A name?! Hey, hold on a sec! I'm not ready for this!
Luciaface His name is-!!!
Anastasiaface No, don't! Forget it! I don't wanna know anymore! Uh, bye!!
[Anastasia Runs Away]
Luciaface Huh?! Hey wait, Anastasia! Oh, seems like she misunderstood!

Joachim in JapanEdit

Joachim's dialogue is slightly expanded in Inugami Village. After the failed attempt to resurrect Alice, and the conversation with Saki, Karin wanders off, with the party members hanging around the village as Yuri searches for her.

Joachimtalknormal Being here in this village, it's making me reminisce about the past...*
Yuri2face Eh? Have you been to Japan before?*
Joachimtalknormal Hmm, it was about 200 years ago. A small village in Shizuoka, which was struggling against the villainy of the local lords-*
Yuri2face I haven't got the time for a long story. I'm looking for Karin.*
Joachimtalknormal Alright. I'll look around here.*

The CurrymenEdit

This scene occurs when the party have completed the Man-Festival. Returning to the Brick Warehouse triggers this scene.



-And ass! Wanna say that to me again!?*
Yuri2face Huh, what's that? A fight?*
Joachimtalknormal No, those voices...they're former pupils of teacher!*


-I've said it again, and again! I'm not going to wear curry on my head any longer!*


B-but why!? You're a top curry, have you forgotten your vow on the river Ganges!?*


I haven't forgotten...but this town is too small for two curry artisans!*


You're serious...but, do you not want me to tell you one of my wrestling techniques?*


No..., in fact I've a favour. Your chicken soup*; I'd like you to tell me the recipe.*


Chicken soup? I use many bones in the curry but...wait what are you getting at?*


Chicken and pigs can't live on the meat of cowpeas alone...

Using your method of pig bones*, and my soup, I'll make the best Japanese-made ramen soup!*





Then...if I was armed with this soup and opened a store in Hamamatsu city, after a century I'll make it Ramen city!*


........He, hehe, hehehehehe! Your idea's got into my head - our reasons may be different, but we're heading down the same road!

If the path I hone is in curry, then I'll work at it to make this the Curry city!



Um, farewell!*

The passionate camaraderie of men heading towards their dream...a story of good friends!*

Kurandoface Those noodles he's making...I'd like to try them someday.*

......yeah, sounds great.*

Sea of WoodsEdit

Meeting ShintarōEdit

Vague summary: Yuri wonders about the man standing there. Then Kurando mentions some sort of dangerous demon around this area. They talk about Malice and the old man explains about malice that comes from Mt. Fuji.


...Huh? That guy...I wonder what he's doing in such an desolate place. Something funny going down?*


Even though the village is close by, with all the monsters round here, it's dangerous to go out right now.*



Oh my..., I was just staring at the sky. There's a red light heading towards the mountain...*
Yuri2face A red light...could it be malice!?*
Kurandoface Looks like it's heading towards Mount Fuji.*


I was having a closer look at the light, got frightened, and ran up here to escapse...

I wonder what's going on in that forest?*

Entering the WoodsEdit

Gepettoface Exclaim This is...*
Karen2face Looks like the malice is being drawn into the forest...?*
Luciaface Umm, guys, I've got a bad feeling about this...what's happening!?*
Yuri2face I don't know, let's go check it out.*

View of the WoodsEdit

Yuri2face Woah...,it's a totally different dimension.*
Gepettoface This forest has been transformed by the shadow of's some pretty serious magic. *
Joachimtalknormal Yeah. We'd better be on our guard...otherwise we might lose our sanity.*
Karen2face Hey, Yuri...doesn't this place bother you at all?*

Not really...I guess I feel a responsibility if this is due to malice.
Besides, the way I see it, if something need doing, you do it, right?*

Karen2face ......

Blocked PathEdit

Anastasiaface What is it? A cloud of malice blowing us back?*
Joachimtalknormal So much of it...making an impenetrable barrier?*
Gepettoface Don't go near it. You'll lose your sanity in an instant stepping into that.*
[Blanca sees something shining on the ground]
Blancaface Exclaim Awroo! Awroo!
Yuri2face What's up, Blanca? Found something to eat?*
Blancaface Exclaim
[Karin walks over to Blanca]
Karen2face Oh? Something that looks a jewel.*
Blancaface Awroo!
Karen2face This jewel, can I place it on that shrine?*
Blancaface (Pant)
[Karin interacts with a small shrine]
Karen2face's sucking the malice in...*
Anastasiaface Hey look! That cloud of malice has thinned slightly!*
Yuri2face I see,...okay! Let's find more of these jewel things!*

Walking into the MaliceEdit


Stay away from that! You'll lose your sanity in an instant if you walk into that.*

The Magimel BrothersEdit

[Yuri interacts with Pierre Magimel]
Pierreface Come on, I think of new ideas while you're changing clothes!*
[Yuri interacts with Gerard Magimel]
Geradface Drat..., I was facinated by the red light, and accidentally lost control of the wagon...

But as long as I have customers, I'll carry on business!...Maybe you could you give our wagon a little push, after...*

  • I'm just shopping.*
  • I'm not shopping or pushing.*

Interacting with the ShrineEdit

[Yuri interacts with a small shrine]
Yuri2face Looks like there's a place to put a jewel.*
  • Place jewel.*
  • Let's look around more, first.*

Encountering the BossEdit

[The party see the boss]
Kurandoface This..., it's pretty ominous...*
Karen2face It seems to be asorbing more and more malice....*
Yuri2face Hehehe, nice and simple; we beat these guys, we'll solve our problem.*

Boss AftermathEdit

Gepettoface Phew...looks like we defeated it. *

It was a close call...such terrible strength.*



The evil has peeled away...

At last, we return to the forest...!*

Yuri2face Eh? Who's saying that? Who are you? Woah!*
[Screen is filled with blinding white light]
Yuri2face Careful...I'm not sure what's happening!*
Kurandoface It looks like...we've been taken back to the forest entrance.*


Hohoho! To have been saved by mortals!*


We thank you...Any longer and we would have lost our god-hood...*


We, the Seven Gods of Luck, took it upon ourselves to protect this place, and absorb the malice...

But we failed to account for the sheer amount of malice. By the time we noticed, it was too late, and it possessed our body.*

Kurandoface're the Seven Gods of Luck!?*
Anastasiaface Pretty sloppy job for gods. Looks like your body couldn't handle us!! *


Ahahaha! You are right to say that. It'll be a strange tale to recount, indeed.*


Well, I at least intend to do things in the manner befitting a god.

The malice we've accumulated here, will be trapped in this forest with our power.*

Buddist Monk, Hotei*


Where the trees of this forest will eventually purify it.

Even though with this amount, it may take hundreds...nay, hundreds of thousands of hours for it to be fully cleansed. *



And so, we must return to heaven...Mortals, do not got too close to the trees til the purifcation is complete.

Lest you be taken by the malice.*

Yuri2face Ha, goodbye. Huh, we helped gods, us.*

Just as well... without the Seven Gods of Luck, we Japanese couldn't see in the New Year* with confidence.*

[The party silently stare at Kurando.]
Kurandoface Hm? Did I say something odd?*
Yuri2face Nah, somehow...I bet this is gonna be your year.*

Yuri's New WeaponEdit



The red light vanished not too long ago...did you people have anything to do with it?*
Yuri2face Aha, sort of.*


I seem to have a strong mental fortitude.
Here, take this - it might be of use to you...*

[You got the Panda/Kappa weapon!]
Yuri2face Eh? Are these glove puppets? For each hand?*


These are stuffed animals weapons I got from my teacher.

But...,I could never bring myself to wear them...for you, however, perfect for hitting things!*


Oh, I'm gonna hit something with these, alright; you!*



Good luck in your future struggles. I entrust them to you. Well, time for me to go!*
[Shintarō walks away]

Uh? Hey! Wait a sec! Heeey!
Oh...looks like I've finally joined the wacky weapons crew...*

Joachimtalknormal Silence ......

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