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Shrine Entrance

The Dog Shrine is one of the most confusing dungeons in the game. After visiting Asuka Stone Platform (it would be best to also do so after getting all of Yuri's fusions except Dark Seraphim), return to Inugami Village and speak with Saki. She will give Kurando a few tiles for the Dog Shrine. In the Dog Shrine, Kurando must be a member of the present party.

The hardest thing about the Dog Shrine is its setup. The tiles given open a path through the dungeon. There are grey areas on the map, which function automatically as open tiles that lead into the dungeon.


The greatest trouble is conserving tiles. Aside from the main altar in the entrance, there are three others. One is to the west, the other the north, and another the east. Saki also gives a map, which should always be used as a reference in which tiles to use and which to save for the next altar. More tiles can be found throughout the map, which would ease the issue.

After visiting the north, west, and east shrine areas; there is a tile that allows the player to access the middle of the dungeon. Upon reaching there, Kurando gets his ultimate weapon Mumeiro, and then a boss fight to test it out.

After beating Dog Shrine, revisit Saki, leave, and return to Inugami Village. Save, and head for the Fountain of Sukune. A cutscene and a boss fight would occur. Kurando must fight alone and his second Demon Morph, Jutendouji, is unlocked.

Enemies Encountered[]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Dog Guardian -
Otoroshi -
Waira -
Name Notes
Hotoke Garan Fought alongside an Otoroshi.


Treasure Chests[]

Enemy Drops[]