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To access the Dollhouse, after the Neameto Float has risen, visit Prague with Alice in the active party.

Speak to Runaway Ewan in the pub for the Dollhouse to appear on the world map.

Ground Floor[]


Grab the crank from the Grandfather Clock as it will be useful later on

Take the door to the right as there are some items in the room like lottery ticket and such so grab them now! Then go north to the well, and examine it and it will tell you that there is a key in the water, then a Push Ring will appear, this one may take a few tries.

Then run back to the front door and take a left which will lead you to the shack/basement.



The door will open the shack since you got the key from the well. Next use the crank on the generator on your left near the doorway back outside.

After that is done grab some of the items that are lurking there, and climb down stairway to the Basement. Go up to the table and grab the slide piece. Go back up and return to the house.

The Upper Floor[]

As you return to the house go up the the stairs and use the slide and it will reveal a girl holding a doll their names are Lillith and Laura (but which is which?) The words December 24 will appear from the slide and then take a right from the slide projector and you will see Laura's diary:

Ewan took a picture of Laura and Lillith to celebrate the anniversary of their first meeting!
Lillith kindly spoke to me. Perhaps this will ease my loneliness somewhat. Nice meeting you, Lillith!

Return to the ground floor, and back to the room leading to the well. The fireplace below the stuffed elk has revealed a secret pump which will drain a mysterious water source, but it requires a code to open it.

The date of the slide is the solution, so type in 1224, and head to the shack/basement.


Go back to the shack and head downstairs. Go right, then north and then you will see a steel door.

Since you drained the water there is less pressure and the player can go through it.

As the player enters, the player will notice its some type of bedroom with a doll in the center rocking on a horse. But of course examine the blood curdling pictures, the mirror in which seems you can see the doll looking at you, the teddy bear with a sliced stomach, the sliced bedsheets with a the pillow with a hole in it, the doll of course, oh and don't forget the wall with the Help Me all over the wall written in blood.

Well since nothing of interest is here let's leave. But oh! As you begin to leave you hear a spooky child's voice, and its coming from the doll! The doll is named Laura, so the girl's name is Lillith. Laura explains Lillith died a long time ago and continues to torture Ewan whenever he returns back home. After that she asks Alice to play with her... till Death!

After the battle with Orb Chaos, the doll seems to be normal again.

Alice finds sympathy for the doll being lonely all this time, but Yuri finds it ironic saying that kids only play with dolls and the doll wanted a human play thing.

The player then returns to Prague to find Ewan who gave the player this task but he is no longer there and a pool of blood that spell out "Thank you" takes his place.

Enemies Encountered[]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Ghoul -
Ghouler -
Spanky -
Name Notes
Orb Chaos -


Treasure Chests[]

  • Sh1acessorylogo.png Oracle Earrings - Hidden trees near the gate where the Storeroom Key is used.


  • Sh1keyitem.png Crank - Examine the grandfather clock.
  • Sh1itemlogo.png Lottery Ticket - Search the table to the south of the entrance in the room to the east of the foyer.
  • Sh1keyitem.png Storeroom Key - Examine the well.
  • Sh1itemlogo.png Silver Hand - Bucket in the storeroom
  • Sh1keyitem.png Slide - Next to the wine bottles in the wine cellar.

Enemy Drop[]



  • The stuffed head of the Big Elk in the room that leads to the well its eyes are normal but once a battle begins the elks eyes will strangely glow red.