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A mysterious house that houses disembodied spirits. Set their souls at ease and recieve Ricardo's final Muse item.

Achieve all of Ricardo's other Muse items and go to Chicago and talk to Capone, he will say to Ricardo that there is this person who can bring people's spirits back for one night. He refuses this at first but either way chooses to go. When the party asks why, he merely says that Capone might lose face.

Upon entering the Dollhouse you are controlling Ricardo, check the Mini Ricardo map icon! A voice is heard and later figured out as the Doll master in a Doll, she asks the group to find her ears because she cannot hear them properly. The room to the left is the Crafting Room take the animal ears and return to the doll master.

She says that while doing her job, her client had turned against her and turned her into a doll, Ricardo accepts this though saying he only wished to come here as a request. She asks them to go take 4 jewels in the room to the right, Scorn, Death, Despair, Hate; Yellow, Black, Red and Blue. The blue and red will dispel the spell on the upper room.

In the Upper Room and entering the door, i recommend you save, you meet Clyde and Dana, his lover in the figure of a doll. Clyde says he wants to be with Dana. Dana then says that Clyde had buried the Dollmaker's body, "a soul without a body is just the same." Dana then consume's Clyde and tells the party they cannot escape.

Make sure to equip something that can be able to resist Petrify as she casts it at the first round to all your members. Her Element is Water so you can have either Hilda or Ricardo on Entrance.

After going thorough the battle go back to the dollmaker, she will put Edna's soul into the doll where Ricardo and Edna talk for one more time. (During the converstaion Mao is pulled out so the two can have privacy)

Edna will say that she hid an unfinished score at her brother's room. Ricardo's final Muse item has the Third Key effect which needs 750 mp to use.

Enemies Encountered[]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Gregor Snap Available -
Kareau Snap Available -
Gresiru Snap Available -

Name Notes
Dana Snap Available -



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