Sh3fetishicon Dolphin Statue
Dolphin statue
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
"A blue Dolphin statue made of turquoise."

Fetish for Shania that will permanently decrease the MP cost of La Sirene's abilities when charged with Soul Energy.


A blue Dolphin statue made of turquoise. Its look shows its wisdom as the sage of the sea. Adding Soul Energy reduces the Spirit Power used by the sea spirits.


Reward after defeating Tihozhodhi as part of Natan's UMA Hunt.

Soul ChargeEdit

Soul Charge
Level Soul Energy Effect
LV. 1 - -
LV. 2 15 Abilities cost 10% less
LV. 3 45 Abilities cost 20% less
LV. 4 75 Abilities cost 30% less
LV. 5 105 Abilities cost 50% less

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