Also known as DCP, Dominance Capacity Points are a rather important stat in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

These are measures of what level Magic Crests a character can equip.

The characters that use them can equip up to 8 Crests, but will come with a DCP cost, with more powerful Crests having a higher DCP amount required. The maximum any Crest will cost is 20 DCP.

Yuri, Kurando, Nicolai, Veronica, Lenny, Ouka, Raiden, and Hien are unable to use Crests through legitimate means, despite having a DCP stat; it's always set at 0 and can never be increased.

While there are no abilities or equipment that can increase the DCP total of a character, DCP can be increased between 1-2 points only by using the Seal of the Urn item.

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