Part of the extant Prison part of Nemeton Monastery. Linked with the Prison.


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The main thoroughfare for the dungeon. The entrance to the left leads to the "Guard room". The exit at the far end leads to a massive pit which can only be scaled when the player finds the ladder.

The ghost of Charlotte D'Lota, tried to trick Edward into falling into the pit - though he was pulled back by Koudelka.


Surrounded by many, many decayed corpses

Consisting of two small rooms, piled high with the bones of the dead. Some of them are apparently quite recent. The "Guard's Diary" can be found in a chest here.

Red Room

Hidden in a cupboard are the remains of Mira, who must be fought in order to obtain the ladder. Koudelka channels the trapped spirits to find out what happend in the Monastery.

Priest's Quarters

Priest's Quarters

In what appears to be appears to be a small, private chapel, Doppelgänger Koudelka, Doppelgänger James and Doppelgänger Edward are fought. A Holy Font is activated after their defeat.

It is also the location of the Red Glass Piece.

Screen Gallery

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